Friday, June 12, 2015


Criminals are wiped out.  Murderers live in big fear.  Thieves are afraid.  Double-crossers stay in hiding.  Laws are seriously implemented.  Justice is summarily applied.  Peace is promoted.  Order is maintained.  Sacred cows there are none.  Public funds are well-collected and well-spent.  Graft and corrupt practices are taboo.  Public officials render public service.  Government employees in general attend to their assigned tasks.  Policemen do their job and do it well.

Psychological  test results are neither asked nor needed.  Incompetent leadership is unheard of. KKK is non-existent.  The “Pork Barrel” system is taboo.  There are more actions , less talk.  Concrete realities are seen in place instead of but downright lies.  Social welfare is both felt and seen instead of but many proclamations and loud declamations.  Socio-economic  development is ground reality and not simply in survey nobody really knows where and how they are made and interpreted respectively.

No.  This is not really saying that said “Fast Emerging Figure” is the best candidate for the “2016 National Elections”.  This is but confirming the fact that there is someone whose political potentials are gaining ground as early as these days – in Metropolitan Manila included.  No.  This is neither saying that the said now well-known individual will make the best President of the Philippines.  This is simply noting why the same local public official is becoming more and more nationally appreciated. 

All the above-said positive direct and indirect attributions appended to the now more noted public figure are not exactly but mere imagination, much less they are merely serving as some kind of a political campaign gimmickry or anything the like.  The truth of the matter is that according to a report released by – a crowd-sourced rating site – the City under the leadership of the same public official is considered no less than the 9th safest place in the world.

Concretely on the matter of Crime and Punishment, it is anything but a well open secret that the Justice System in practically all parts of the Country does not work – for political reasons, for monetary considerations, for incompetence, indolence and the like.  One rather infamous Case is the Maguindanao Massacre.  Some 58 individuals were mercilessly murdered and calmly buried in 2009.  Some six years later to date, the trial is said to be still on-going according to law.  And this is but one Murder Case.  What happened to the Mendiola Massacre?  What happened to the Atimonan Massacre?  What will happen to the SAF 44 massacre?  It is good to remember that is justice delayed is justice denied, this is in fact an injustice.

No wonder that even though it may be questionable that someone becomes both the prosecutor and the judge, this is not really worst compared to the absence of justice.  And so is it that the already well-known public figure is now becoming even more and more famous as the 2016 National Elections become more and more close.