Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Such is the kindest title that can be used to write about and note well something that is not only irregular but also unethical, not simply lamentable but also detestable.  It took no less than a professional media practitioner to exert the effort to dig into it and the courage to have it published nationwide.  It is a phenomenon along the spirit of “Believe it or not”, about the sense of feeling of “Strange but true”, none of which is surely pacifying, much less certainly edifying in subject matter and consequent implications.

The 1987 Philippine Constitution expressly and categorically prohibits “Political Dynasty” (Art.  2, Sec. 26)  whose meaning up to now – no less than some 28 years later – is not yet legally defined neither in substance nor in incidentals.  This is not difficult to understand – even but considering that a good number of their Honors in both the Legislative and Executive Departments have straight and/or collateral dynastic/sanguine affiliations also in government.  In fact – just for example – there is one well-known high-ranking public official in the land who has a daughter in the Senate, another daughter in the House of Representatives, plus a son heading a local government as some kind of an heir to his mother who previously held the same public office.  This appears to be one of the best and concrete example of dynastic politics – without the least even but insinuating something more, particularly in conjunction with the forthcoming 2016 National Elections.

What is however more interesting to know and intriguing to analyze is the phenomenon known and noted by the above-said intelligent and respectable media-man who found out an interesting fact and had the courage to bring to the attention of the general public – something that can be called as “Administrative Dynasty” in the Executive Department under the presently reigning aristocrat.  Just imagine what the following means and implies more concretely during the term of the now still reigning administration.  With but the intention of somehow exposing the delusion of the now infamous hurrah of “Matuid na Daan”, there is this disturbing as well as exasperating phenomenon among nothing less than an illustrious member of the Cabinet of Chief-in-Command himself.

There is the well-known and very powerful Cabinet Member who is said to have no less than nine (9) relatives in government.  There is the wife plus tree (3) nieces plus four(4) nephews.  More.  In addition thereto, the said wife herself listed seven (7) more relatives likewise under government employ.  There are other Cabinet Members each with also a sizable number of relatives in government.

The above composite reality definitely confirms that the government is really a great business – but only because it imposes all conceivable kinds of taxes upon the people so that the government practice is spend as it wishes.  On second thought, such standard government practice is “True but not strange”.