Monday, June 15, 2015


“My very first meeting with the leaders of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front happened because Japan opened its doors to us in a very, very short notice.  They provided an environment where both sides could see the sincerity of their dialogue partners.  This was a breakthrough in the peace process which we thought had reached a deadlock.  Now, we are determined to get the BBL passed in Congress, which will be a major step in freeing thousands of our countrymen from the shackles of conflict and in attaining lasting peace and prosperity in the autonomous region.”  (B.S. Aquino III speech at Nikkei, Tokyo, Japan, 3 June 2015)

Who on earth does not want to know the truth but instead prefers to live in a lie, to wallow in falsity, to wade in hypocrisy?  What kind of individuals are those who love injustice, who idolize inequity?  Who are those people who cherish war instead of peace, who thrive in killing others rather than protecting their lives?  When they are identified, it is not unkind to say that they are neither truly human, much less really humane.  They are thus a danger to everybody, to all – themselves included.

So is it that the quest for peace in Mindanao is not only something right but praiseworthy and sacred even.  In the same way, the passage of a law that will promote truth, establish justice and disseminate peace in the said region is certainly in order not only as an option but also as an urgent imperative.  If then and now Mindanao is still Mindanao, it is precisely on account of the absence of peace, the illusiveness of justice, the concealment of truth therein.  What a legacy to the Country such would be!

Now it is public knowledge – through the revelation of none other than the Malacañang resident himself – that it was Japan that in effect moved and had the “Peace Talk” initiated between the Malacañang occupant and the MILF.  But the truly sad reality is that the legislation now being ardently proposed by the same personality and his minions in terms of the so-called “Bangsamoro Basic Law” (BBL) is in effect even causing a deep and bitter division – not to mention downright suspicion – in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Not only that.  Strange but true: The Malacañang nurtured vision expressed in a proposed legislation is even causing not only division but also animosity in Mindanao itself.  In the same way, the same legislative undertaking is furthermore dividing even a good number of people in Luzon and in the Visayas.  Something must be intrinsically unfair and unacceptable in the now infamous contemplated “BBL”.  It even went to the extent that an envisioned legislation for peace needed nothing less than the establishment of a so-called “Peace Council”.  Strange but true.

“A breakthrough in the peace process” – thus spoke someone about something that is precisely bringing about the noted renewal of dissent and consequent revival of disunity in the place concerned.  it is not really that hard to conclude whose thinking is flawed, whose consequent options are questionable in nature and consequences.