Monday, July 05, 2010


HERE is an interesting thesis that those in the Executive Department of the present administration might want to seriously consider and thereafter decidedly act upon. This proposed agendum can neither be irrelevant nor vain—considering that this country is at the bottom of developmental possibilities in Asia, and that millions of its people have to leave behind their dear families, only to earn a living abroad.

In other words, mention any political errancy or any social malady in the Philippines, say any public misery or economic malediction of the Filipinos as a people, and at the bottom thereof is readily found a dysfunctional justice system as its fundamental causal origin. So too, think of really big time crooks freely roaming around and enjoying their decadent lives, remember infamous professional thieves proudly displaying their stinking stolen wealth and throwing their sordid weight around, bring to mind high ranking politicians infamous for their heinous graft and corrupt practices yet still manage to command the adulation of certain people—and you find systemic injustice in the country as their common premise.

This is in no way over-stating the inherent deadly significance and consequent fatal implications of injustice in society vis-à-vis the good fortune and the precious blessings brought about by social justice. Come to think of it, it is morally impossible to find anything really good or truly right when injustice is an element thereof. Thus: Unjust honesty or truthfulness. Unjust generosity or benevolence. Unjust integrity or probity. None of these make sense. On the other hand, everything that is objectively good and realistically right, cannot but incorporate justice as a constituent factor thereof. Thus: Just worth or merit. Just profitability or liberality. Just advantage or win.

Conclusion: In the event that the new administration—swamped by so many propositions, suggestions, inclusive of innumerable unsolicited pieces of advice—is unconditionally committed to its battle cry of principled policies and upright governance, it stands to reason that its over-all national plan of action cannot but have as its cornerstone and priority mission, none other than a consistent, serious and operative Justice System all over the country. And the rest of what is basically good, right and fair for the Philippines and the Filipinos, simply follow as a matter of course.

Thus: Away with untouchables! Away with those above the law! Away with justice only for the poor, the ignorant, the little people. Justice for all or none at all!

5 JULY 2010