Wednesday, July 07, 2010


It is quite evident that the no to “Wang-Wang” official declaration made in the presidential inaugural address was and continues to be a big hit. It has been the prevailing talk in Metro Manila. It still gets into print in all newspapers, as well as talked about in many radio stations and furthermore covered by all major television stations. Of course, it bears watching how long and how far the public authorities concerned are disposed and willing to take the decisive order. For a change, it would be a big surprise as well as a great achievement if the now ardent and fervent anti-Wang-Wang mood and drive would really last till such nerve wracking invention were eventually all out and permanently off for good. It is not a secret that this Country is rather well known for the “Ningas Kugon” mentality and disposition of its leaders and most of their followers.

What is quite surprising as well as disturbing is that while the “Wang-Wang” was made a key point in the said distinct national event, nothing and absolutely nothing – not even but a little hint – that something significant has to be done to the infamous and covetous Philippine Amusement and Gamming Corporation. In fact, apparently to assure its sustained and continuous operation, the officials gambling arm of the government even received the silent but decisive presidential attention specifically in terms of the recent appointment of no less than its new Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer – proudly “Atenean”!

What could be his “Marching Order”?

It is to make official gambling in this impoverished Country more entrenched and pervasive, more operational and profitable? It is to make more gambling addicts, to destroy more Filipino families? It is to propagate more dishonesty and corruption, more fraud and graft in the disposition of the multi-million pesos taken away from its likewise dubious clients?

Or it is to canvass the assets specially in kind of all its notorious casinos in the chosen sections of the Philippines? It is to eventually sell them to well meaning and able individuals and corporations in order to conduct therein their preferred legitimate business or honorable ventures? It is to use the multi-billion peso sales realized there from to add to the national budget for agricultural development, for educational purposes and other immediate national needs?

Frankly and candidly speaking, may an administration truly founded on integrity and change, really decided on being pro-people, have a right and just alternative in responding to the above questions?

7 JULY 2010