Monday, October 24, 2016


It is not a secret that the previous administration – among other dubious agenda – needed and used all its political persuasion plus public funds to promote and ascertain the passage of three anti-normal legislations in conjunction with the human person and elementary ethical value system:

First was its downright population control design which was even given the deceptive title “Reproductive Health Law”.  It is basically a self-contradictory legislative provision because it is unhealthy in addition to the fact that some of them in effect promote eventual abortion-in-fact as affirmed by a good number of knowledgeable physicians.  By the way, the lead promoter  of the law in Congress will have a lot to answer for upon his sure and eventual death – considering that abortion is a downright heinous crime in the world hereafter and beyond.

Second is the so-called “Same Sex Marriage” which is held in abeyance because of the previous strong outcry against the above said anti-reproduction legislation.  But now, there are loud whisperings that the de facto man with man, woman with woman “marriage” is on deck  for deliberation.  While there are yet no clear indications what the sitting Legislative Department would do and what the ruling Administration would say, even now it is worth noting that no matter what Civil Law says, Natural Law considers such a union futile simply by noting that even among insects and brute animals, there is nothing like a same-sex union.

Third is the relatively long since opted legislation of “Divorce”, supposedly premised on one or more of the following grounds:  One, violence.  Two, adultery.  Three, abandonment.  So it is that when someone finds his/her spouse already undesirable for being fat and loud, old and cranky, and/or meets someone attractive and desirable, he/she on purpose simply beats his/her spouse, relates with another man/woman and/or abandons him/her precisely in order to obtain a divorce.  So comes the question: How many spouses may one hurt, be unfaithful to, abandon in order to secure a divorce.  In other words, how many other marriages may one enter into?  Hence, how about a “No Fault Divorce”? – the summit of marital hypocrisy?

With the Population Control Law plus the possible Same Sex Marriage Law plus the Divorce Law, pitiful “Philippines my Philippines”!  It is both a pity and a misery when a government legislates and thus moves for the gradual  deterioration if not actual eradication of right and proper cultural heritage, ethical and moral value system implanted and observed among the people in general.  Public service is meant to promote and preserve the public welfare, the common good – definitely not to undermine and eventually do away with what is good, proper and just.  Is population control better than Responsible Parenthood?  Can there be a true and real marriage between a couple of the Same Sex?

Have the Filipinos elected past and present government officials to eventually do away with even such a noble and ennobling constitutional provision on the family, on family life, and the protection of the unborn? (Cf. 1987 Phil. Constitution: State Policies. Section 12) Just asking.   

Friday, October 21, 2016


By his very nature and inclination, consonant disposition and pursuant behaviour, man is a social being.  And this is a loaded truth, a profound yet assumed reality.  To start with, he becomes someone definitely not by himself but through the union of two individuals, a man and a woman – considering that no one comes into being by himself/herself alone.  He needs and wherefore seeks others to be with – to eat and to grow, to play and to study, to live and to mature.  In fact, he needs and thus stays with his family for a start, then joins his friends and neighbours until he becomes a part of human society from the local up to the national – and at times, even to the international – level.  And though somehow blunt, it is also true that as he needs others to be born alive, so too he needs others to be buried when dead.

Such is the meaning and import of the inescapable fact and undeniable phenomenon that man is a social being by nature.  Let it be noted though that as man needs society, society likewise needs man whereas there would be no society without humanity.  But just the same, the social nature of man is innate to his being.  It is a rather elementary reality that man can talk, wants  to talk and enjoys talking.  This fact alone says that he needs others to talk with – considering that talking but to himself neither affirms normalcy nor confirms sanity.  This is why the need, the inclination, and the satisfaction of someone to relate with others is considered a basic, standard and normal human feature.

In order to more easily demonstrate that man is basically a social being, i.e., that he needs and relates with others just as others also need and relate with him – it is enough to think about but a little and plain piece of bread he buys and eats.  There is the worker who separates the husk from the grains, grinds and puts these into sacks.  There is the trucker who brings the flour to the market.  There is the baker who buys the flour, prepares and cooks the bread.  There is the store-keeper who sells the bread for people to buy, eat and enjoy.  So it is that a mere piece of bread amply demonstrates that man needs others – a plain and practical proof of his innate social nature.

The other term or phrase for “Dissocial Personal Constitution” is Antisocial Personality Disorder.  Translation: Pronounced disdain if not downright disgust with others, with society, with people in general.  In the practical world, this is some kind of a basic attitudinal and consequent behavioural feature of someone burdened by “Ego-centricity”.  And needless to say, the former is but an effect of the latter.  In other words, someone who is really Ego-centric is necessarily likewise Dissocial.

If every man would only accept, respect and care about his social dimension – doing to others what he wants and expects others to do for him, relating with others as he likes others to relate with him – the ultimate result of this is progressively family harmony, community unity, social equity, and universal peace even.  Otherwise, such an irregular personality constitution infallibly causes people’s dissension and division eventually.    

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Ego-centric, ego-centered, ego-maniac.  Self-centered, self-absorbed, self-satisfied, self-contented.  Conceited, smug, vain.  All these are some key words in layman’s language for identifying and understanding a person who is “Narcissistic”.  This personal liability is in the context and implication of “I” and “me” and “myself”.  This is the trio that somehow point out the centrepiece of the above-said egocentric malady.  Someone existing and living in his or her world, somebody who has himself or herself as the centerpoint of everybody and everything else – such can be considered as the external manifestations of constitutional individualism.

All the above descriptive egoism incarnate make the person concerned as the beginning and the end of everybody else as well as everything else.  It is himself or herself what counts the most in all agenda – plans, designs, projects.  Everything and everybody else are expected to have the said subject individual as the key and central reference point – or nobody and nothing ultimately matters for him or her.  So it is that the common denominator of all those afflicted by such an egocentric personality liability is the strong, consistent and persistent sense of self in terms of superlative importance, significance and relevance.  In other words, the same should be the center of attraction, the focus of attention, the object of adulation.  Anybody and everybody else – what they think and say, what they do  or not do – none of these really matter.

So is it that someone with the innate personality trait  of “Ego-centricity” has some kind of a delusive perception of supra big self-importance such that he or she has and entertains the feeling of immense self-worth and wherefore entitled to pursuant focal attention of everybody else.  The individual concerned has a grandiose personal self-perception such that this highly superior personal self-assessment becomes mandatory for all others to carefully relate with him and to unconditionally obey him.  Otherwise, all of them would be big losers – not knowing what is good for them.  The truth is that the subject-victim of the said ego-centric personality constitution can go as far as feeling omnipotent and wherefore singular, unique and indispensable.

Considering themselves wherefore as special persons, it is understandable that anyone saddled by “Ego-centricity” demand and expect special treatment precisely because they are special individuals – according to their special worth and dignity.  So it is that they strongly dislike if not actually hate criticism – even feeling much offended by the indifference and disdain of others towards their own perceived distinct self-worth and consequent self-importance.  And so it is that they are not merely upset but also angered – if not actually enraged – when others do not notice, much less acknowledge their own perceived self-worth, their own perceived and sustained uniqueness.  They think as they please.  They say what they want.  They do as they like.  Everybody and everything else do not matter!   

Monday, October 17, 2016


Authority and power, primacy and supremacy, ascendancy and dominion – such are the common understandings of the reality of Sovereignty.  The one with ruling predominance and in possession of command, the one in tenure of supreme control and dominion – such are the standard attributions of a Sovereign.  And such is the fundamental significance and implications  of Article II, Section I of the 1987 Philippine Constitution:  “The Philippines is a democratic and republican State.  Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from the people.”

Who is the Chief Executive in the Philippines?  Who are the sitting members of the Legislative Department?  Who are the supreme constituents of the Judicial Department?  These are directly  or indirectly, nationally or locally elected by the sovereign people of this Country.  And from the above-quoted constitutional provision and its basic consequences, rather relevant and respectful questions can be asked such that reasonable and tenable answers thereto are also required in the interests of objective truth, real justice and tenable peace.

Question 1:  What if the Candidates for election are in fact and in truth incompetent for the elective Offices they are aspiring for?  This question is rather realistic, not merely theoretical.  So it is that a big number of elected public officials – particularly in the Senate and Congress – are usually but spectators if not frequently absent during sessions as a matter of course.

Question 2:  Why is it that no Psychological Tests of any kind, with the proper IQ result is required among those running for political Offices?  If Psychological Tests of one kind or another are required from those applying for professional ventures as well as for vocational aspirations, why is there nothing at all for those presenting themselves for elective public Offices?

Question 3:  Why is it that elections for national, regional and local positions are by and large popularity contests instead of the personal attributions of the Candidates?  When someone is known for dynastic reason, for sports ventures, for movie appearances and the like, the same has a much bigger chance of winning the elections instead of those capable for the elective political Offices concerned.

Question 4:  What if a Candidate has and in effect uses his/her wealth, work on their dubious connections and errant influence precisely to win the elective position they desire?  This question becomes truly relevant when through no fault of their own, a relatively big number of electors in the Country  wallow in poverty plus their lack of objective knowledge on the what and why of the Candidates.

Question 5:  What if the elections are rigged one way or another such that after all investigations and inquiries are done, the unelected Candidate still assumes the Office they covet?  Electoral cheating – particularly through manipulation of the electorate plus the further manipulation of election machines – appears to have become the norm in this Country before, during and after the elections.

Sovereignty resides in the people?   

Friday, October 14, 2016


So it is commonly said and heard: “Justice delayed is justice denied.  So too it is said that the unreasonable delay in the administration of justice is considered nothing less than the denial of justice itself.  So it is that in the world of down-to-earth realities, the truth is that Justice Delayed is Injustice – such as when the accused is all-powerful, when the lawyer is over-acting, when the judge is nonchalant.  And so it is that in such a scenario, nothing less than injustice in effect prevails.  To simply say that such is unfair is to forward the summit of insensitivity, the over-all result of which is downright justice.  To seek justice  of the quasi-forever as something forever illusive – such is nothing less than injustice incarnated itself.  This is he truth, this is reality.  And this is making the victims of injustice doubly victimized.

To mention but a  few Cases where the delay in the administration of justice is nothing less than a big injustice.  One has still to hear of a duly-identified and accordingly punished killer in the infamous “Mendiola Massacre”.  So many farmers killed and no one at all is judged and penalized as a killer.  Not even one is yet named as a deadly agent in the “Maguindanao Massacre” where  no less than some 58 individuals were mercilessly gunned down and simply all covered by earth without regret, without remorse by those responsible for their already well-known unconscionable slaughter.  And there is the “SAF Massacre” where no one is still certified as responsible for the hideous event.  How about the perpetrators of the recent Davao Massacre, the Extrajudicial Killings, the Summary Executions here and there?  Why is it that prisons all over the land are bursting with  stand-up prisoners? And why is it that the lower Courts all over the land are likewise bursting up with thick files of unresolved/undecided Cases brought precisely thereto for resolution according to the demands of justice?

This is to say nothing about the rich and powerful, about those in command of high public offices with their corresponding quasi-inexhaustible resources plus consequent powerful and fearful influence – in the persons of high government officials such as in the previous administration – a good number of whom are precisely experts and champions in graft and corrupt practices.  So it is too that to this writing, while a little number of them are already facing charges before the proper Courts in the land, it is altogether something else for them to be sentenced guilty an penalized as provided by law.

But behold and read nothing less than a sound and clear constitutional provision:  “The Supreme Court shall have the following powers: ...Promulgate rules that shall provide a simplified and inexpensive procedure for the speedy disposition of cases...”  (Phil. Const., Art. VIII, Sec. 5, no. 5)

A case in point is the following:  When the administration directly or indirectly endorses summary executions, extra-judicial killings and the like, could such speedy life-annihilating procedures find its rationale on the undeniable fact that justice in the Country in effect moves slower than a turtle?  Could the same speedy doing away with life of be premised on the reality that the Philippine Justice System does not really work?  Could it be then that in this Country during these times, someone is presumed guilty unless proven innocent.  So it is that the saying goes:  Where justice there is none, injustice takes over.  This is sad – very sad!