Friday, May 22, 2015


Section 1:  The Philippines is a democratic and republican State.  Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from the people. (1987 Philippine Constitution, Art. 2, Sec. 1)

To this date and time, there are still certain individuals  who think and in fact experience that the Philippines is an aristocratic and dynastic State, and that sovereignty resides in the wealthy and the powerful wherefrom government authority in effect emanates.  So is it that while the Philippines is a noble Country and the Filipino people are an honorable citizenry, the living reality however is that the Filipinos have a markedly pro-self government plus a salient pro-dynastic public officials.  So it is that while the “Declaration” of a Principle from the Philippine Constitution itself as above-cited is both noble and ennobling, the truth however in ground reality is exactly its living opposite – a contradiction incarnate.

In no way does it mean that the Philippines is a forever doomed Country, that the government is a permanently damaged entity, that the Filipinos are forever a condemned people.  But the sad truth is that the present government with its erratic functions and sickening options – like decimating the Country in favor of warlords, taxing its citizens from the womb to the tomb, selling public utilities to downright business enterprises, worshipping foreign investments, and other anti-Filipino agenda, rests under the corrupt and corrupting command of majority of infamous public officials who are not really elected by the sovereign citizens.  Instead they are holding public offices, enjoying their perks and filling their bank accounts here and abroad, for having shamefully cheated in the elections through their highly paid minions.

Remember the 2010 and 2013 PCOS fiascos.  Look out for the 2016 HOCUS PICOS!

One thing is certain.  If sovereignty really resides in the people and government authority truly emanates from the people, how come the Filipinos have a government that is not only incompetent but also corrupt?  How come majority of their public officials from the local, the regional and up to the national level are pro-selves and wherefore self-serving?  Answer:  First, the Filipinos allowed themselves to be cheated in the election such that their votes for their chosen candidates are in fact counted in favor of others.  Second, the People however acted as if they were blind, deaf and  dumb.  Third, the Citizens of the Philippines are definitely not sovereign, even but taking to account the dominion of the infamous trio of “Guns, Goons and Gold” in the Country, specially so during elections.

Given the above observations, the People of the Philippines who have the sovereignty in the Country and from whom all government authority emanates, better wake up, stand up, and be counted for a really clean and truly honest 2016 elections – watching out in particular on how their votes will be counted.  Otherwise…      

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


In the layman’s world of simple people living simple lives, it is somehow common knowledge and experience that there are depressive episodes that come to fore every now and then in practically all ordinary individuals experiencing “bad”, “sad” and/or undergoing “trying” times.  And this attitudinal posture and/or behavioral disposition are quite normal. Hence, there is something wrong when someone is jumping for joy or crying with sadness all the time.  Such can be anything but the usual, the normal, the ordinary as are mental health is taken into account.

In the world of behavioral sciences, there is the so-known and so-called “Depressive Personality Disorder” that is a psychological affective maladjustment already appended to the socio-emotive constitution itself of the individual concerned.  In other words, it is one thing for someone to have but episodes  of “Depression” every now and then – and quite different  for somebody to suffer from downright “Depressive Personality Disorder”.  Again, while the former is still ordinary, normal, the latter is already odd, disturbing or downright abnormal.

It is said that the standard behavioral symptoms of the “Depression” per se if not a downright “Depressive Personality Disorder” are the following - with their respective translation in everyday language:

a.  Psychomotor retardation”.
Translation: this means late reaction if not no reaction at all to a given action of someone or to a stimulus from something.

b.  “Slowed Gait and activity”.
Translation:  This has reference to late initiatives or delayed behavior contrary to the usual action plus reaction pairing.

c.  “Lack of initiative”.
Translation:  This bears clear relevance to the absence of self-moves that gives the impression or marked laziness or indolence.

d.  “Melancholia”.
Translation:  This is substantially the same as profound loneliness or marked lonesomeness usually generated by the feeling of abandonment.

e.  “Fatigue”.
Translation:  This is feeling tired while having done nothing really for someone to thus feel and accordingly behave.

f.  “Lack of self-confidence”.
Translation:  This has reference to an individual who feels he is good for nothing, he is not meant for anything significant, worthwhile.

g.  “Lack of sexual interest”.
(No need to explain)

Monday, May 18, 2015


“ALE” – “MAMA” – “ATE” – “KUYA” – “LOLO” – “LOLA”
 “00” – “OHO” – “OPO”

Who thinks that there is nothing good taking place in the Philippines?  Who says that the Country is only good for political debauchery, omnipresent criminality, hopeless deterioration in social values and cultural features?  Yes.  The present confused and confusing administration came but is soon going to disappear.  Yes.  There are categorically mysterious positive perorations about overwhelming economic progress while poverty and even misery have in fact worsened.  There are even claims of great achievements in peace and order while there is no day without killing, no letdown in the drug business, no stopping thieves, rapists included.

But there is a very welcome and much appreciated development that has taken place and still taking deeper roots in the Country.  Perhaps it is still unnoticed.  Probably it is in fact taken as a matter of course.  But what an inspiring, what an edifying relational-cultural phenomenon!  It is perhaps still unnoticed, still unappreciated.  But it is already a part of Filipino culture, more concretely in matters edifying relational interactions – when individuals address one another.

There was a time that an adult woman was called “ale” and an adult man was called “mama”.  Such were the customary words used and heard.  These times however they are usually addressed as “Ate” and “Kuya” respectively.  And when the persons concerned are much older, they are ordinarily referred to as “Lola” and “Lolo”.  Needless to say, the use of such terms is not only pleasing but also edifying.

There was also a time when “Yes” was “oo” or at most “oho”.  The fact is that not few are the instances when even an elder man or woman addresses someone younger with “opo”.  When one hears and ponders upon this phenomenon of respect for others, he or she cannot but be not simply edified but also delighted.

Question:  How did these addresses of respect and deference come about?  Where did they come from?  Who exactly taught them?

Answer:  They could have been inculcated within family circles.  They could have been taught in schools.  They could be but spontaneous expressions.

No matter how this “Filipino Relational-Cultural Attribution” came about, the following thoughts come to mind: Notwithstanding a disabled government plus certain public officials infamous for their incarnate graft and corrupt practices, no matter how despondent and helpless many Filipinos feel, the truth remains that their Country is certainly not hopeless.  Most of their sound cultural values remain.  Most of their admirable relational features still work.  In other words, a good number of Filipinos are dejected – but hopeless they are not, they should not be.

Friday, May 15, 2015


In formal and informal talks, in media and general public addresses, before, during,  and after  State of the Nation Addresses, specially in conferences delivered before foreign audiences, the present MalacaƱang resident – ignorantly or deliberately, jokingly or seriously, incompetently or decidedly – makes repeated claims of the big and fast economic development taking place all over the Country resulting in the eradication of poverty and other magical economic advancements all over the Land.  What remain interestingly unsaid are the following:

The biggest business of the government is the People of the Philippines – men, women and young individuals – who are sent abroad as OFWs, who earn their living even in the midst of mortal danger and who send their dollar remittances to the Country.  Never mind if they are imprisoned for one crime or another – whipped or killed even unless “blood money” is paid.

Another emerging truly profitable business in the Country is the manufacture, distribution and sale of prohibited drugs not only for local use but to the extent that the same deadly items even become export quality products – such as through more and more so-called local and foreign “Drug Mules” on their own initiative or though innocent carriers.

And there is the detestable and shameful already established plus still being enlarged Gambling Industry – frequented by local criminals and foreign gangsters, money launderers included.  Until this present administration is done away fast, unless the in-coming public officials are really for public service for the common good, Philippine Las Vegas is coming to fore.

Strange but true, there are indications to the effect that this administration with its subservient administrative KKK members, its questionable partisan political allies plus certain subservient judicial figures, also strangely and pitifully equates “Economic Development” with the number of bars around plus “entertainment”  districts in place plus women and young girls “for sale”.  There is the fact of “development” in all these.  There is the undeniable “economic” reality in all these.

Never mind public utilities people pay for.  Never mind a transport system that does not work.  Never mind garbage all over the place.  Never mind men, women and children begging in the streets.  Never mind families sleeping at the sidewalks, living by the canals, having illiterate children.  So what if the number of criminals is not only the same but even becoming more.  So what if thieves rob houses, steal from supermarkets.  It is alright if boys snatch and run away with the bags – money, cellphone, jewelries – of old and young women alike.  All these are big signs of “Economic Development”.

But most of all, so what if continuous big graft and huge corrupt practices are practically everywhere – particularly in government-owned and controlled corporations – not to mention the now infamous and nauseating DAP and PDAF fiasco.  These are but signs of “Economic Development”.     

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Will divorce be really in accord with the stand and spirit of the State Policy, Sec.12, that provides that the State recognizes the sanctity of family life and shall even protect the family as a basic and autonomic social institution?

Will divorce really be pursuant to the principle and intent of Art. 1 of the Family Code of the Philippines that considers marriage as a special contract of permanent union between a man and a woman?

Will it really stand to the test of reality and the rigor of truth to claim that divorce is in fact the same as Marriage Nullity Declaration as well as Marriage Annulment now already provided by the same Family Code?

Will it be consonant with the dictates of reason and the principles of justice to reward with divorce or freedom to remarry not only the victim of a marriage failure but also the culprit thereof?

Will the divorce proponents like to say how many marriages may someone break, how many divorces may the same have, how many homes may one destroy, how many children may a father/mother hurt?

Will the authors of a Divorce Law want to ascertain that physical violence, marital infidelity and/or conjugal abandonment would in effect be avoided in order to prevent divorce?

Will the divorce advocates not want to accept that the said violence, infidelity and/or abandonment could be in fact intentionally designed and acted upon precisely in order to obtain divorce?

Will it be according to reason and logic to have divorce in the Country because either Marriage Nullity Declaration and/or Marriage Annulment is costly to initiate and costlier in fact to obtain?

Will it be right and proper in ground reality to claim that a Divorce Legislation  is the last recourse to free couples from “impossible” marriages as well as to free children therefrom?

Will it be realistic after all to change the Marriage Vows to “until we get tired of one another, until we no longer want each other, until either of us find somebody else younger, more fresh, more desirable” – or the like?

Will it be disrespectful to ask why the present administration and its obedient political followers are much preoccupied with separating couples in difficulty instead of instituting moves to solidify their Conjugal Covenant?

Will it be right to claim that by reason of “Separation of Church and State”, the former has nothing to do with what the latter wants such as Population Control, Divorce Law, Same Sex Marriage?