Friday, February 12, 2016


With the election fever on and becoming even feverish with the passage of time, tri-media is becoming more and more saturated with campaign ads – not to mention those pictures of candidates in all conceivable sizes, colors and forms posted anywhere there is a space to paste or hang them  = it is  not hard to see and to note that election time is clearly here and definitely on – notwithstanding what COMELEC repeatedly says and shouts as to when is the legitimate start of the campaign period, etc. etc.  Translation:  So many individuals from so many parts of the Country are ready and willing to serve others, are ready to offer themselves for the good of the people – willing even to die to the Country, so they claim.

But there is now one interesting practice that has come to fore repeatedly and insistently, viz., “One-on-one Interview”  between a political candidate – specially from Congress – done on one-to-one basis with a rather known media practitioner, and the interest plus eagerness of the candidates to be thus interviewed over the radio/tv needs no explanation whereas such definitely equals political mileage for anyone thus interviewed in national media.  With malice towards none but goodwill towards all, the following was an interesting question-and-answer interview that someone went through the air not so long since.  As far as memory can recall, the following are rather interesting “Questions and Answers” episode that took place:

Q.  Thank you, Congressman, for coming.
A.  Thank you.  Am not yet a Congressman – but soon perhaps. He he...

Q.  For a start, what laws will you sponsor to lessen poverty in the Country?
A.  There are so many laws for that purpose.  We will think well about them.

Q.  What about the rising number of crimes in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao?
A.  That is the job of the policemen.

Q.  How would you solve the phenomenon of women and children for sale?
A.  We have to tell men not to patronize them.

Q.  And what can you say about drugs?
A.  Let’s make it an export industry for job generation.

Q.  By the way, your surname sounds familiar.
A.  Ah, it is because my younger brother is a Mayor and my father was a Governor.

Q.  Would you like to tell us what is your stand on the BBL?
A.  Good that you asked about that matter.  I have to study that well.

Q.  What can you say about EDCA?
A.  That is another thing I have to study very well.

Q.  Is there something you would like to say about China claiming Phil. Territory?
A.  That too, we have to study well.

Q.  Is there anything else you like to say?
A.  Thank you for giving me the chance to educate our people.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Critical – panicky, contentious, dangerous – times are here again as the May 2016 Election is slowly coming to fore.  Superlative self-praises plus egoistic claims as well as a quasi unlimited flow of money asked for what and received from whom concretely, only their avid recipients really know, why and how much – for purposes of political advertisements plus political sorties plus political appearances plus political stage shows plus political give-aways, etc. etc.  are becoming the infallible signs of the times as a matter of course.  But the most critical times are immediately before, during and after the elections.  And these disturbing and unsettling times have much to do with the following particulars:

Who are really the national and local political candidates worth believing in their many loud and proud claims of ability, honesty plus personal heroic self-praises?  Who are truly those who are truly competent to govern, who are honest in their action and reaction patterns as public officials? Who are actually those with the genuine intention and realistic vision to promote public good for public welfare eventually leading to socio-economic development? All these are irrelevant as a matter of course to those who are with but hallucinatory claiming of knowing all and doing all.  But even those alleging their superior talents, special resolves, making magical promises one after another:  Voters beware!  The truth is that the sad reality of incompetence is alive and living in all branches of governments – such as even in the long since chief-in-Command living in a palace who does not even know the meaning and implications of the Chain-of-Command.  The Luneta Hostage plus the Atimonan Debacle plus the Mamasapano Massacre are  three sterling proofs of all talks, no words, no truth.

One election after another, one President after another, one Congress after another, one governor and mayor after – and where is the Philippines now, how are the Filipinos today?  They continue to leave the Country one after another to find work – never mind the danger in foreign lands.  And those left behind, they nonchalantly manufacture, buy, sell and use more and more prohibited drugs.  They look at night-time and daytime  criminality as a matter of fact. Stealing wallets to cell phones, bikes to motorcycles to cars – so what?  Children and adults search the garbage from food stores to gather remnants of food they could find.  They go to garbage mountains looking for anything they can sell.  They live under bridges, by the canals, by the sidewalks as a matter of fact – this is saying nothing about the children being in the streets, running after cars begging for alms.

What then is the over-all message of all such detestable and deplorable phenomena long since obtaining  in the country – specially to voters on the forthcoming elections.  Vote for candidates you know will be there for the people – not for themselves.  PLEASE!  Vote for candidates who will work for you – not for their dynasties.  PLEASE!  And lastly but most importantly, vote for candidates who show signs of competence, integrity, industry – PLEASE!

Lastly, in the event that you come to know that the votes were not properly counted – together with the millions of votes – then stand up and BE COUNTED!  You are the SOVEREIGN PEOPLE!

Monday, February 08, 2016



It is neither a secret nor is it easy to undo the thesis that the outgoing administration is leaving much to be desired on the matter of its handling of the highest public office in the land which is thus also the most powerful government position all over the Country.  No.  It is neither true that its still incumbent occupant has done nothing at all nor has done everything wrong.  Sad to say though is the ground reality that it has done so little and it is leaving behind so much undone.

This is in no way meant to say that the personality concerned is not an expert in addressing the nation with the addiction of repeatedly blaming someone else for the woes and miseries of the Country.  This is also denying the fact that he does not say what he is told to by his close-in advisers, does not read what is written down for him by his chosen aides.  No!  This is but saying that the eventual losers of such a defective and deficient governance are no one else than the people themselves craving for public service from their public officials.  In other words, the tired and tiring poetry of “Matuid na Daan” is one big joke – to say the least.  It has neither really shown the right way nor how to walk on it.  Otherwise:

Why is the present government the big living and pulsating incarnation of graft and corrupt practices in actually owning public income from private omnipresent taxes for its own self-interests and personal objectives?  Why is it a nonchalant borrower of huge amounts of money specially from foreign sources, spend them freely and make the general public pay for after all is said and done?  So it is that the Philippines is improving in graft and corruption customarily taking place here but duly noted well and recorded by a pertinent international agency.  Are public funds for personal purposes, for egoistic advertisement, for partisan politics?

Why has the present government become so deaf and blind in the matter of local illegal drug manufacture, not only for its wide local use but even for the export thereof to other countries?  Why is it shamefully impotent in curbing crimes of all kinds and gravity – with downright killing of individuals here and there, day and night as a matter of fact?  Why has big smuggling become as a matter-of-fact phenomenon in the Country?  And why are there more and more people sleeping in the streets, begging from passers-by, living by the garbage?  By the way, how come it has neither the knowledge much less the resolve to get rid of traffic mess?    

Why is it that the present government does not even care about the partisan application of justice if not the practical absence thereof  in line with the “Three monkey” policy of see nothing, say nothing, and do nothing,  specially so when those doing the injustice are close political allies, KKK members among other specially treated individuals?  And something else:  Why has this still ruling administration made a huge gambling industry in the Country with no less than some 35 Casinos spread all over the land – not to mention the many more now considered local para-legal gambling forms topped by Jueteng and Masiao?

On the occasion of the forthcoming 2016 Election, the voters should be well aware of the above realities – which are anything but secrets – to make them vote for “Public Officials for Able Public Service”.

Friday, February 05, 2016


On the occasion of the forthcoming 2016 Election, there are certain political candidates who are clearly aspiring to win the votes of the LGBT community whose number is in fact becoming more as time passes by – not because of any bad intention or unethical design on their part but basically  due to different causal factors – such as hormonal in-take, domestic background, odious personal experiences, etc., etc.  What do certain political candidates say in order to find favor with voters found among the LGBT constituents?  This:  They affirm “Same Sex Marriage” that carries therewith their intention to change the nature of marriage, to thus change as well the pertinent provisions of the 1987 Phil. Constitution and those found in the 1988 Family Code of the Philippines.  But the following citations are found in the Bible, the Philippine Constitution and the Family Code of the Phil.:

(1)  “God created man in the Image of Himself, in the Image of God He created him.  Male and female He created them.”  (Genesis 1:27)

So it is God Who is the Creator of human beings.  So it is understandable that human beings are created to the Image of God.  And God created human beings either as male or female.

(2)  “This is why man leaves his father and mother and joins himself to his wife, and they become one body.” (Genesis 2:24)  

It is only a man who can become a father in the same way that it is only a woman  who can become a mother.  Just as the word “father” actually means a man, “mother” in fact means a woman.

(3)  Honor your father and mother...” (Exodus 20:12)

 As above explicitly and clearly  said, only a man can be a father in the same way that only a woman  can become a mother.  In other words, no man becomes a mother in the same way that no woman becomes a father.

(4)  “The State recognizes the sanctity of family life and shall protect and strengthen the family as a basic autonomous social institution. It shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception.”  (Phil. Constitution: State Policies, Sec. 12).

The words “family”  and “family life” readily presume the domestic unit composed of father, mother, and children.  Considering  its “sanctity”, the State is committed to protect and strengthen the said entity and its existence.

(5)  “Marriage is a special contract of permanent union between a man and a woman entered into in accordance with law for the establishment of conjugal and family life.”  (Family Code of the Phil.:  Title 1, Chap. 1, Art. 1).

It is categorically a man plus a woman  who can and may contract marriage as a “union”, viz., two becoming one by the intimate uniting act of carnal communion possible only between a man and a woman.  

Wednesday, February 03, 2016


Under the heading of “BASES U.S. OBTAINS IN THE PHILIPPINES”, nothing less than the New York Times announced the following big news in March 15, 1947 – which is something to seriously ponder upon on the occasion of the much talked about, discussed and even debated EDCA which seems to be something new but in fact already given a projection and an accepted consensual stance no less than some 69 years ago.  Thus reads the interesting and disturbing news written with a drawn map of the north, east, south and west Philippines:

“Under the ninety-nine year agreement just signed, the Army will maintain its principle establishments at Fort Stotsenberg and Clark Field (A), while the Navy will have operating areas at Subic Bay, Sangley Point, Guiuan and Tawi-tawi (B).  A portion of the Manila Port Area will be available to both.  Smaller bases will include installations at  Baguio and Palawan (C).  Others will be developed at Aparri and on Mactan Island (D).”

Is the thus so-called “Ninety-Nine Year Agreement” – or no less than some kind of a one century long contract – changed or modified, reconsidered or altered, dissolved or undone – or merely kept a long time secret.  Those who know what it is really all about, do  come out in the open and speak whereas there is nothing better than knowing the truth and the whole thereof.  Keeping a people ignorant of what is in store for their own Country – their own future plus that of their children – is not only cruel but eventually mortal.  So it is that while keeping secrets is not only reasonable but also mandatory such as precisely on the part of the so-called “Secret Service”, when a government supposedly of the people, by the people  and for the people – a wherefore sovereign people – keep the citizens ignorant about their present standing and future plight – in one word, this is treason.

It is not a secret that the world  is being torn apart by different contrasting beliefs and ideologies – in addition to the even worsening separatist distinction between the so-called “First World” and the “Third World” Countries with their  respective inherent attributions and  liabilities.  The more noticeable phenomenon now distinctly dividing the world – in addition to which Countries have developed and stand in possession of the deadliest weaponries – is the emergence and spread of ISIS.  So it is that the now existing threesomes of economy, ideology and weaponry is slowly but surely tearing the world apart, making humanity more and more divided and self-destructive.

So it is that the partnership of USA and England vis-à-vis that of Russia and China, can be anything but good news for many so-called “Third Countries” exactly such as the Philippines.  Reason:  This Country and its people are more and more at the mercy of the above said warring giants, more and more specifically being used and abused by its Uncle Sam.  What is worse is that in the Philippines itself, there already long are warring factions particularly in Mindanao.

No wonder then that there is the above said “Ninety-Nine Year Agreement” whose existence, modification or dissolution should be clarified by the public authorities concerned.  But come to think of it, if the “Agreement” remains in fact existent and binding, then EDCA would be a non-issue  as it has been already in potential existence since 1947.