Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Is there any reality on earth more meaningful, more precious, and more significant than life? Will somebody dare say how much is life – either to have it, to sell or buy it? Can anyone give life to himself? Can life be bought or sold – and if so, where, when, and who can purchase it – and at what cost? The solemn truth is that life is not only precious but also actually priceless. So it is that Easter proclaims that Christ Himself took back the life taken away from Him. And so it is both sacred and solemn to recall that Christ did this by nothing less than His Resurrection from the death. Even those who not believe in any god of any kind keep, care for, and protect their lives.

So it is that even but in the here and now, in ordinary circumstances and among common realities, if there is no life, what is there? If there is no life, what is anything and everything for? If there is no life, why should there be anything else? Life is the culmination of being. Life is the summit of everything that is good and invaluable, that is significant and relevant. Life is the fundamental rationale of truth, justice, and peace. To be pro-life is not only ethical but also moral. To be anti-life – just as to be pro-death – is not simply irrational but also pathetic.

This is why contraception and abortion – not to mention suicide – are enigmatic if not censurable whereas their patrons think, move, and act against elementary logic, contrary to simple reason. As to contraception, why would a man and a woman – a couple – avidly seek and enjoy the pleasure of their union and yet automatically do away with their natural obligation that goes therewith in the event of conception? As to abortion which is downright killing of an innocent unborn, if the murder of anyone is highly censurable, how much more culpable is the killing not only of any unborn child but one’s own child at that? As to suicide, how could anyone do away with life he did not even give himself? Contraception and abortion and suicide have one thing in common: Life is not simply belittled but downright rejected.

For a start, it is not really unreasonable to ask those already born and alive: Why are you angry not only with those who are still unborn but also those who are not even conceived yet? Why is it that you do not like – if not actually hate – others to be in this world while you want to have and enjoy all worldly goods and worldly pleasures herein?

Furthermore, why do you blame the population for the extensive poverty and much misery in the Philippines? Why don’t you instead address an according act against the large-scale graft and corrupt practices in the country? Why is it that you instead prefer to vanish children all over the land? Why?

Finally, perhaps, just perhaps, anti-life people would love cemeteries where there is no life!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights
International Planned Parenthood
Marie Stopes International
Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights
Asia-Pacific & Research Center for Women
United Nations Populations Fund
(7th Conference, 21=24 January 2014, PICC)

The Conference was singular, as it was not held anytime, anywhere, with just anybody in attendance. The Conference was impressive considering not only its distinguished participants from all over Asia-Pacific but also on account of the singular place it was held. The Conference was considered highly confidential that it was now well known, much less publicized. But just the same, there was this or that individual who could not stand still and keep quiet about the heinous intent and content of the Conference.

So it is that according to a quiet report made, the Conference was even mortal whereas it was about downright abortion as an ingrained element of contraception. In other words, it was against life not only in preventing conception but also in killing the unborn. Thus it is that the Conference considered the use of plain contraceptives as passé it is categorically promoting the use of downright abortive means. Translation: Do not only prevent life to come but also terminate it when it comes about.

So it is that human life is considered taboo such that it should not be allowed even but to be conceived, much less left alone to be born. Human life has become so hateful that all possible means at all possible costs should be used and spent respectively to get rid of it as early as possible. It is worth noting that participants in the Conference coming from several anti-life organizations should take into good account the following observations.

It was good that their parents allowed them to be conceived and to be born. Otherwise, they would not be around to promote death.

It is good for them to promote hunger, sickness, and war in particular – the more deadly, the better. This would spare them for still promoting abortion.

It will do them good to ponder on the truth that the other name for abortion is the murder of the innocent. Murdering the innocent is not a small crime.

Pro-abortion people, think again and again and again, please!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Father Into Your Hands I Commend My Spirit." (Luke 23:46)

Even Jesus died – after proclaiming He was the Son of God, He was the Redeemer of mankind, He was the Savior of the world. Even Jesus died – after preaching about God and man, about heaven and earth, about life and death. Even Jesus died – after caring for the needy, giving sight to the blind, giving hope to the hopeless. Even Jesus died – after having converted people to God, making disciples from among His follower and establishing the Church which to date more than 2000 years old.

Christ accepted His Death after but some thirty three years of living on earth. As He came from the Father, to the Father He returns. As He was sent by the Father, to the Father He should go back. He eventually passed away – entrusting and commending His spirit to the Father Himself. But Christ left only after proclaiming infallible teachings. Christ left only after doing His Mission. Christ left only after redeeming humankind – after teaching the singular, the profound, and precious prayer: “Our Father.”

And you, he, she, and me? With life comes death. When something begins, it eventually ends. Whatever has its start, it must stop somehow, some time. And as far as the man is concerned, it is not really news when he comes to his death. What would be truly news is when does not die at all. And what is important is not only the evil he has done but also the good things he failed to do, not only the many wrong things he did but also the innumerable right things he left undone.

And so it is that some questions are in order:

You – you who have a big power to do good, what are you doing with it? Do good but for yourself and for those close to you? You – you who have much wealth at hand, what are you doing with it? Help but yourself and those helping you keep money? You – you who have a big authority to be of service and help to others, what are you doing with it? Help yourself and protect your own interests?

In whose hands will you commend yourself when death calls you? Can the best and famous doctors keep you alive ever? Can your formidable power, enormous wealth, and unbounded authority save you? Would it be of help for you to remember that empty-handed you came into the world, and empty-handed you will leave it behind? Would it be of help for you keep in mind that it is not news when someone dies? What would be news is when someone does not die at all?

Into whose hands then shall you commend your spirit?

Monday, April 14, 2014

"My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?" (Matthew 27:47)

For having preached the infallible truths about God and man, for having converted people to leave the life of vice and to instead live the life of virtue, for having comforted the afflicted, fed the hungry, cured the sick ... there was Christ scourged, crown with thorns, nailed to the Cross. No wonder then that His very "Fourth Word" was some kind of complaint mixed with wondering. He felt abandoned and thus asked the question, "Why?" After following Your Will, after fulfilling the task You gave me, after doing what I had to, why have You abandoned Me?

Just thinking aloud in all sincerity and candor -- with the least intention of offending much less insulting anybody but simply bringing the "Fourth Word" of Christ to ground reality, the People of the Philippines can and may readily ask some questions, too -- addressed to the Government, to the present administration in particular. And just as no answer was given to the question of Christ, much less will the Filipinos receive any answer from the powerful individuals lording over them -- for the past four years at least. Some of their more perplexing and disturbing questions are the following:

Question: Why is it that we have barely food to eat, old clothes to wear, shanties to live it while you wallow in abundance, live luxuriously, have palatial homes, ride luxurious vehicles? Why?

Question: Why is it that we pay all kinds of taxes from birth to death, pay even for the use of public utilities and yet do not even feel the reality of public welfare supposed to be rendered by public servants. Why?

Question: Why is it that there are more and more crimes against lives and properties, more and more criminals uncaught and unpunished notwithstanding all kinds of law enforcers paid by public taxes. Why?

Question: Why is it that once caught and brought face the law, the bigger personalities involved, the more favors and privileges they have, the bigger and better accommodations they have and enjoy? Why?

Question: Why is it that a big number of those we elected into public offices -- previously proclaiming their integrity and repeatedly promising their honesty -- are in fact big practitioners of graft and corruption? Why?


Friday, April 11, 2014

Killings Unlimited

It is bad enough when soldiers kill civilians. It is not really proper to celebrate when policemen kill criminals. It is disgusting when individuals are victims of summary executions. It is lamentable when neighbors kill neighbors. And it is most appalling when parents kill their own children who are not even born yet, who are precisely altogether dependent on and expecting their mothers and fathers to love and care for them, to protect, and to support them until they can on their own.

It is bad enough when fathers rape their own daughters. It is even worse if mothers kill their own unborn child. While it is intrinsically evil to kill anyone, it is very much worse when a mother – with the consent if not the prodding of the father – kills her child still in her womb. Even the unborn has an inalienable right to life and all rights thereto appended. Truth to tell, it is something abnormal when a female animal kills its own unborn kind. What is it then when a mother kills her very own unborn child.

So it is that even the Fundamental Law of the land expressly and officially provides – as nothing less than a State Policy: The State … “shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn.” This constitutional provision is so clear and simple that eve school children somehow already understand it. Yet, strange but true, there are a good number of legislators – the Malacañang occupant included – inclusive of some jurists and professionals who do not. Such a pretended ignorance becomes even more nauseating when killing the born is done by supposedly Doctors of Medicine whose main agenda is primarily to save life.

To those who are ignorant of what it is really going on or pretend to know better than what Natural Law, functional reason and/or sound ethics provide, the socio-moral battle these days is no longer about contraception that prevents conception through anti-natalist practices, use of contraceptives of all kinds of forms – vasectomy and tubal ligation included. The bone of contention these times is already about legalization of abortion. Never mind the Constitution, this can be changed. Never mind about the murder of the unborn, this is but population control. Never mind morality or immorality, whereas it is the time of amorality – the ultimate meaning of which is what I like is good and what I do not like is bad. Plain and simple!

To those promoting and/or subscribing to abortion, they are lucky their parents did not abort them when they were not yet born. Otherwise, they would not be around to say, to do anything. And thus alive and grown up, would that they do not murder their own children precisely by aborting them. Men and women, who are pro-abortion, are very dangerous and even mortal enemies of their unborn children. They are no better than those who killed Christ! Heaven forgive them!