Monday, May 02, 2016


While it is a big fallacy and a grave insult to reason and ethics , to say that politics is for politicians with political interests and consequent political agenda is a consummate superfluity particularly in the Philippines and especially so on the occasion of the nearer and nearer  2016 Elections.  But all these delusions notwithstanding, it is but right and proper to call attention  to the following standing objective truths – be these externally accepted but internally ridiculed by politicians themselves.

The human person is the foundation and purpose of political life.

 If there were no human person, whose personal needs have to be responded to, whose social requirements have to be addressed, what for is politics?  Whose interests and concerns would political life address?  So it is that politics and political life are essentially for the service of the human person – definitely not the other way around.  In other  words, the origin of politics as well as the rationale of political life is none other than the human person per se.  So it is that both politics and political life made operative by the former, are veritable social maledictions when their  nature and finality are precisely violated by none other than those holding political authority.

The political community originates from the nature of persons.

A man did not become one by himself alone, so it is certainly not in accord with his nature to be unsocial, much less anti-social.  Thus it is that he seeks and stays in the company of others as a matter of fact, in order to have his social needs and aspirations responded to through and in the company of others like him.  If man were by nature a loner, being able to respond to his own requirements  and exigencies by himself thereby manifesting downright self-sufficiency in anything and everything, then human society would be basically a nonsense.

The political community finds its authenticity  reference to people.

Again:  Politics and the political community find their real nature and genuine objective only when they are of service to and for the benefit of people – not vice versa particularly when politicians ever think or even come to the conclusion that the people are the ones who should give them service and attend to their demands.  This is not simply inverting but actually subverting who people really are and what is the political community  truly for.  When this blatant contradiction takes place, then sooner or later people themselves are the ones who ultimately get rid of their ego loving and self-serving political community.

Conclusion:  Genuine politics is good.  Its nature is altruistic.  Its rationale is public spirited.  Politicians are there for the people, for public service to them.  Politics, politicians, the political community – all these are social liabilities in the event that they place themselves over and above the interests, concerns and aspirations of the people.

Friday, April 29, 2016


It is bad enough that there exists the threat of war outside the Country in the sense that there is nearby China laying claim on what is rightfully owned by the Philippines.  So it is that there is the dubious EDCA that finds the presence of USA armed forces in this Country not only in terms of military bases and marine weaponry but also in the form of the so-called “Balikatan Exercise” – plus the forthcoming “Donation”  of American war implements to the Philippines to better equip this for war.

More.  There is also the actually long since on-going war in the Philippines from within as verified by the following: The angry MNLF. The cruel BFF. The waiting MILF.  The fearsome ISIS. The practically everlasting NPA.  More.  The goons plus guns under the command of political figures.  The gangsters that have become more in number, more in weaponry, more in active criminal acts day and night.  At this juncture, it might be good to put forward even but the following on-the-ground realities and consequent concrete reminders which are not only timely but also necessary.

1.  In this thermo-nuclear times, war could not be used as an instrument of justice supposedly productive of peace.  Wantonly killing people – young and old, enemies and friends alike – contradicts even elementary logic.

2.  War has never been and will never be a solution to national and/or international problems.  Reason:  War is the problem where to bombs and bullets everybody – good and bad alike – is in their way.

3.  New and more complicated conflicts are brought about by war.  People killing people cannot   be the solution to their multilateral disgust with one another.  The living left behind would not exactly love one another.

4.  War compromises humanity’s present and threatens its future.  War maims and kills people – the good and the bad, the young and the old alike.  War makes no distinction among the innocent and the guilty.

6.  So it is that as anything and everything right and good, precious and invaluable could be lost by war, nothing is lost in harmony and peace.  The truth is, that no country ever wins a war as this in fact means a big loss for it.

7.  There must be alternative solutions to resolve international conflicts, to do away with the threats of war – to do away with war as an option even.  One thing is certain:  The poor and the weak, the elderly and children are first and sure victims of war.  No war is really won whereas the winner itself definitely suffers its own losses.  People killing people is not a rational option whereas the killers are damned and the killed are gone.

Is there really an honest and rational choice between war and peace?  Since when is killing people a praiseworthy choice?  Does killing the guilty and the innocent alike make anyone a hero?  Would humanity not forget that another name for peace is development!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


State Policy – Sec. 21: “The State shall promote comprehensive rural development and agrarian reform.”

The Kidapawan debacle is a loud and shameful call, a bloody and even fatal reminder that the above cited nothing less than a noble “State Policy” is in fact but a big farce.  It has high sounding words, an ennobling vision but the long existing ground realities are exactly the opposite living facts from the time of its enactment and overwhelming Referendum approval.

State Visions:  1.  Determined development of rural areas all over the land.  2.  Common good and welfare of the folks living therein, the farmers in particular.  3.  Just and fair partition of huge farms owned by non-farmers among the real farmers.  4. Equitable remuneration of non-farming owners of huge farmlands.  5.  Benefits to the general public in terms of sufficient and fair-priced farm productions.

State Realities:  1. Subsisting Hacienda Luisita questionable phenomenon.  2.  Unresolved Mendiola Massacre.  3.  Unsettled Tarlac Killings.  4.  Shameless C.J. Impeachment.  5.  Poor and hungry farmer demonstrators met with guns and bullets.

“Words are cheap.”  - so the saying goes and so the reality is.  It is not really unknown who was the one who instanced and endorsed the framing of the above 1987 Philippine Constitution.  After its popular approval, the record stands that  it was the same figure who in fact made “Agrarian Reform” nothing less than the centerpiece of the latter’s governance.  But what proved to be the reality was that exactly the same individual   is said to have made the gross exemption from the above cited Constitutional Provision.  The exception was seen in terms of the retention of a vast family agrarian land holding – with the farmers therein said to have been instead given “Certificate of Shares”  thereof which the said farmers were unable to cook much less to eat.

Considering that the now still seating supreme-in-command figure in government is practically irrelevant on account of his day-to-day nearing exit from office, certain questions come to mind – such as the following:  Who will be elected as the next President of the Philippines? Will the election prove acceptable to the people as to its honesty and acceptability?  Assuming it is acceptable, would the one thus elected be in fact but merely a subordinate of the one now sitting in power with big family interest and concern about agrarian non-reform?  In the event that there is one thus acceptably elected with neither direct nor indirect ties with all standing owners of haciendas here and there, what will he/she act on the above cited constitutional provision on Agrarian Reform nationwide?

It is rather strange – very strange indeed – that this Country with huge farmlands in all its regions – has farmers wallowing in poverty and hunger, has a people who buy and eat a good amount if imported farm products, rice included.  So strange yet so true.  

Monday, April 25, 2016


Love in general is definitely a joy to have, to feel, to live in.  In the same way, love too can be the cause of much pain and sorrow, profound difficulty and remorse.  Recently, Pope Francis – the now truly merciful and compassionate Serving Father of the Church spread all over the globe – gave an expressed and formal “Exhortation” with the above over-all heading but with particular reference to family life that has specific relevance to less fortunate people.  Thus:

“Families face many challenges, from migration to the ideological denial of differences between the sexes (Ideology of Gender); from culture of provisional to anti-birth mentality and the impact of biotechnology in the field of pro-creation; from lack of housing and work to pornography and the abuse of minors; from inattention to persons with disabilities to lack of respect for the elderly; from legal dismantling of the family to violence against women.”(Off. Vat. Network)

Ideology of Gender: Considering the very essence and nature itself of marriage, the ground reality is that “Same Sex Marriage” is a contradiction in terms.  But this gives people no right to belittle all those concerned in its promotion.

Culture of Anti-Birth Mentality:  The Church upholds Responsible Parenthood.  This however in no way means that those who subscribed to the opposite mind frame should be held in disrespect and contempt.

Lack of Housing and Work:  These realities are in effect anti-human in impact.  So it is that everybody capable of so doing something in their favour should help those poor people concerned – irrespective of color, race and creed.

Pornography, Abuse of Minors:  While the former may be for purposes of earning a living, such remains ethically unacceptable.  Neither is the latter in any way acceptable.  It then belongs to all concerned citizens to stop such errant phenomena.

Inattention to Persons with Disabilities and Disrespect of the Elderly:  So it is that the more able individuals are, the more they are urged to help the disabled.  And the young may not but respect the old because they too become eventually old.

Legal Dismantling of the Family:  Family dissolution is painful to the father and the mother – specially so the children.  Those thus affected should be accordingly cared for and definitely not looked down upon by others.  They are already in pain.

Violence against Women:  It belongs to the strong to help the weak – to go to the assistance of violated women.  Except for muscle difference, women are no lesser persons than men.  Their violators can be anything but better persons.

The fundamental Commandment of loving one’s neighbour applies to all – irrespective of their color, race, and creed.  The more poor and weak, ignorant and helpless, dependent and needful, suffering and ignored, the more entitled they are to benevolent attention and care they are entitled to.  They too are God’s children.  And they too are well-covered by the Commandment.  They too are entitled to have the “Joy of Love”.  

Friday, April 22, 2016


The following are considered as the main diagnostic features of “Antisocial Personality Disorder”, the more of which are verified the more certain becomes the existence of the said personality adversity:

a.  Defiant and offensive stance not only against the usual social norms of living and standard ways of behaving but also counter the observance of laws that precisely regulate social life productive of social order.

Said errancy usually starts within the domestic environ of the individual concerned and makes its transit in the community or society – the harmony and stability of which depend on proper human interrelationships.

b.  Insistent and consistent irresponsibility not simply in observing one’s obligations but also in respecting the rights and prerogatives of others.  There is then a two-way offensive posture, viz., against oneself and against others.

It is bad enough if someone shuns what he is supposed to do as imposed by self-rule, by personal propriety.  It is worst when the same also disregards and offends the dignity and pursuant ethical claims of others.

c.  Nonchalant self-misrepresentation and deceit productive of customary practice of falsity, a matter-of-fact lying and a matter-of-course deception of others – these are the standard manifestations of the Disorder.

It seems improper to say that such antisocial disposition and actuations are intentional or deliberate such that they are the products of free-will in the strict meaning of the term.  Personality Disorders are not free-will products.

d.  Impulsivity plus insensitivity in offending against social norms and observances not only in term of civic provisions but also criminal legislations are marked indications of an anti-social individual.

It is not improbable at all that the specially hardened criminals are in fact afflicted by such a disordered personality constitution.  Once released from custody, the criminal deed remains.

e.  Thoughtlessness and recklessness not only as far as oneself is concerned but also with regard to the welfare and safety of others.  These are likewise the standard actuations of those afflicted by the Disorder.

The phrase “devil-may-care” attitude can be rightfully considered s the maxim of anti-social persons.  What they do  is what they do, and that’s it.  Too bad if others and they themselves suffer for it one way or another.

f.  Ill-tempered and ill-humored resulting in aggressiveness are qualifying personal traits of those saddled by the “Disorder”.  So is it that repeated fights with and assaults on others are “normal” for these individuals.