Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Such recently reads the banner story in one foreign newspaper. The same big news and official announcement would have caused surprise, wonder if not downright disturbance among those who look down on women, who think that they are inferior creatures, who thus feel that men are superior brings and who wherefore believe that men and women are not created equal. Not few people already frown at Women Priests. Now, even Women Bishops are in the making. How disappointed if not disgusted they could be.

So it is certain that prior to this Christmas 2014, there will be also Women Bishops in the Church of England – with the expressed approval of the English Parliament. While the legislative option of the said Church continues to provoke deep division in the Anglican faith, it is also a given certainty that sooner than later, Women Priests in the same Church will be chosen and ordained as Women Bishops. Thereafter, they become eligible as well into the House of Lords.

Question: What about the Catholic Church? How come only men priests are acceptable therein? Why is it that all the Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals and Popes included were and are exclusively men? What is wrong with Women Priests, with Women Bishops? Considering that women in general are more kind, more religious and virtuous even than most men, the more reason there is to have Women Priests – and sometime later perhaps - Women Bishops as well. There must be stagnancy in the Catholic Church!

Answer: The Catholic Church has absolutely no right much less any authority to change the following truths as clearly established in the Holy Bible: The Lord Jesus Christ Himself – the Son of the Father – became man. Even His formal choice of the first Apostles were all men. Peter, His first Successor in heading the Church he founded, was a man. In fact, even the Apostles themselves had also men as their eventual Successors. So it is that all the members of the Clergy in the Catholic Church are men – not really because the Church wants it so but rather because the Sacred Scriptures said it so as Christ Himself did it so. And by the way, even the Blessed Virgin Mary was not made an Apostle by her own Son Jesus – not because she was unworthy but because she was a woman.

It is clearly written in the same Sacred Scriptures that the Lord Jesus Christ handed the “Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven” to none other than Peter who in turn entrusted the same “Keys” to his man Successor. In fact, all Successors of Christ since the Foundation of the Church were all men. And today, more than two thousand years after, all the Successors of Christ are still men. And now, His Successor as Head of the Catholic Church He Founded is none other than the dear and endearing Pope Francis.

Women are great! How could there be any child without a mama? Where would all men and women come from if not from their mothers? But none other than Christ Himself made the choice to have men lead His Church. Churchmen have no authority at all to change the said reality.

Monday, November 24, 2014


It goes this usual way it goes: 1st, the Capitalists. 2nd, the Manufacturers. 3rd, the Distributors. 4th, the Vendors. 5th, the Consumers. In simple terms, such is the standard structure of the business industry in general. And to deny that the Drug Trade in the Country has not progressively undergone such a developmental structural growth in the Philippines is either due to gross ignorance or on account of actual involvement therein, as business conduits if not precisely as protectors thereof on the part of those officially committed to implement the law and protect the general public from the pernicious and even mortal effects of illegal drug intake.

Why is it that the prohibited drug business continues to flourish – even at times produced in and coming from high-end subdivisions surrounded by a good number of security guards – notwithstanding all glorious and repeated reports about its containment by the so-called “arms of the law”. The sad truth of the matter is that it is no secret that some of those precisely tasked by the government and even paid by people's taxes to get rid of the deadly products and the criminal producers thereof are either the patrons themselves of the produce or nothing less than the promoters of the industry.

These days in particular, when legislative hearings about graft and corrupt practices public officials are staged more really in aid of election than “in aid of legislation”, it is rather strange to note that no Senate hearings are yet seriously done about the disgusting practice of flourishing illegal drug trade in the Country. The truth of the matter is that practically all drug-related gross and flourishing anti-social misdeeds have their needed protection particularly from public officials usually in the local level. This is an open secret which the Senate itself - “in aid of legislation” - appears to be unconcerned and quiet about.

So it is that heinous crimes – most of which are deemed caused by drug intakes – continue not only to take place but also to increase in number and monstrosity. Neither few are the instances when deadly accidents happen on account of these and those individuals doing these and those daily chores precisely to earn a living – like drivers – and yet in fact cause the death of others, themselves included at times. So it is that it has become a practice to test individuals – who commit crimes, who cause accidents and the like – for drug in-take in conjunction with their deliberate or accidental misdeeds.

Needless to say, the illegal drug trade is now in effect the cause of many other illegal deeds or the fertile crime-multipliers origin of a multitude of abominable acts in the Philippine Scenery. This is not to say that the illegal drug is the one and only cause of the social woes and worries of law-abiding citizens in the Country. The truth of the matter is that greed, avarice, covetousness and other vicious liabilities appended to the persons of a good number of government officials bring about more than enough headaches on the part of ordinary law-abiding People of the Philippines. Add hereto the phenomenon of prosperous and prospering Philippine Drug Industry, Inc. and the Filipinos are really in for a lot of trouble.

Friday, November 21, 2014


He has shown the strength of His arm,
He has scattered the proud in their conceit.

He has cast down the mighty from their thrones,
He has listed the lowly.

He has filled the hungry with good things,
and the rich He sent away empty.”
(Luke 1:51-53)

Thus speak, thus read and thus stand three fundamental living truths for all peoples to know in all places and to remember in all times – particularly herein in the Philippines and specially in the palatial ambiance of Malacañang and in the supposedly hallowed halls of Congress. It is rather clear that based on human history and experience in the realm of ground realities, the most common origins of many eventual ethical misdeeds and moral maladies in the lives of people, are three, viz., pride, power and wealth. And the eventual victims of these dangerous subjects-objects are none other than the proud, the mighty and the wealthy themselves.

The proud does anything and uses anybody for his own self-esteem and personal satisfaction. Everything must be under his control and everybody should be under his command. So it is that he exalts his own self – with disregard for what is true, what is his due. The more exalted he becomes, the more demands he makes. The proud feels like a god, like a divinity.

The mighty thinks and acts with disregard to what is proper and right, what is true and just. Everybody must be at his beck and call just as everything should be is footstool. There is nobody he will not use, nothing he will spare to show who is the boss that others should bow down to and unconditionally obey and serve.

The wealthy when covetous and avaricious, worships riches and considers temporal goods as the be all and end all of his life. Never mind what they are, where they come from, who own them. And whereas nothing is enough, there is nobody he will spare, nothing he will not do to become more and more wealthy which has no end, which does not know enough.

So it is that those who live in pride, who wield power, who wallow in wealth – particularly those who hold high public offices in government - would do well to remember what the Holy Book says according to the Holy One. The solid truths and sterling realities as above-quoted, are very clearly seen and emphatically proven in cemeteries. There the proud and the humble, the powerful as well as the wealthy and the poor are all dead, equally buried, all gone. Death – and everyone dies – respects and spares no one, the proud, the mighty, the wealthy all included. This is a really Good Reminder – even for the humble, the helpless, the poor.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Thus is what a rather known Radio Program – as an eminent contradiction to the nationally famous elocution about and declamation on the now tiring and tiresome hurrah “Daang Matuwid!” - is titled and accordingly listened to. No. It does not seem to have the intention of insulting or belittling anybody in particular. Much less does it seem that the Program considers itself much better in standing, in knowledge and actuation. A lot of jokes are therein said – jokes intended but to call attention to actually standing sad facts.

The Program simply wants to say what is the objective truth, what is the ground reality according to the belief and conviction of those doing the Program – plus more and more listeners and supporters they in fact have day after day. The individuals running the said Program are not saying they know better and/or they are doing better. They are just expressing their own perception about the now famous – or infamous – “Daang Matuwid” hurrah of the leader with his ever faithful and ever supportive KKK Team.

Daang Matuwid”? How could such an expression of honesty and integrity de facto include a litany of graft and corruption done as a matter of course? How could such a claim of honor and trustworthiness be consonant with the scandalous PDAP and DAP galore? Are continuous smuggling plus bribery unlimited plus regular misuse of public funds plus disregard with public utilities be following the “Straight Path”?

Daang Matuwid?” How could the supposed three co-equal branches of government have one thereof under the command of the other through proper funding, making the latter obedient to the former? Why was it that three Impeachment Cases at least against the one thus in command were readily pronounced as garbage? Is an eternal Hacienda Luisita – cause of the Mendiola Massacre and the Tarlac murders plus a pertinent Supreme Court decision contrary to it existence – be following the “Straight Path”?

Daang Matuwid”? How could one branch of government do anything and everything within its power not only to keep one but also the other remaining branch on account of the latter's unfavorable decision not only in the grand Hacienda issue but also on the truly porkish DAP? Is making partisan politics above truth and over justice but another element of the Straight Path” that precisely distorts facts, discards realities, belittle people?

If the above-mentioned erratic acts and errant agenda were altogether but fabricated and are therefore simply but imaginary, how come repeated angry rallies are done and ugly-looking effigies are burned? If everything said above were but distortion of facts and merely manufacture of truth, why is it that more and more people are hungry and angry such that they are more and more discontented with the present regime? And if all the above observations were but fantasies and falsities, why is it that there are progressively louder shouts for someone to just go away, to be out of the way? “Daan Tutuwad-tuwad” must be the reality after all.

Monday, November 17, 2014


This is not simply about fights caused by liquor intake, rumbles due to misunderstanding, brawls because of ill will. This in fact is much more than about snatching, stealing plus hold-ups 24/7. This is actually even much more than gangsters and smugglers, not to mention big schemes and scams, not to mention gross graft and corrupt practices by many public officials. And this certainly includes children and adult prostitution, rapes and illegal drugs trade, murders and massacres plus other crimes such as kidnappings and tandem murders repeatedly taking place as a matter of course all over the Country – specially in urban areas.

Such is not only the truly lamentable but also much detestable scenario in the Country today. It is the composite of all such social maladies that bring about the phenomenon of “Crimes Unlimited”. Hunger and destitution may cause these and those misdeeds. Lack of education plus scarcity of employment may trigger the above-said criminal disposition and consequent actuation. So it is the over-all question that comes to mind: “Why?”

It is most probably because that crime pays these times in particular. Crimes are repeatedly committed here and there, day and night. Criminals are caught and detained, subjected to trials but usually released. Back they go to society, committing more crimes even. More men and women and children they victimize. And the cycle of even more crimes committed by more criminals has become standard, not only an errant but also an erratic operating principle. It is practically some kind of a miracle if no crime takes place day in and day out, in the dark and in broad daylight. So it is that crimes become standard realities in the Philippines allegedly enjoying fast socio-economic development, proclaimed as the apple of the eye of investors from all over the world, alleged even as the favorite destination of foreign tourists.

Something must be wrong about an administration that demands, collects and enjoys all kinds of conceivable taxes from the general public yet miserably fails to give even but basic public service thereto – such as crime prevention and/or criminal prosecution.

Something must be wrong with a PNP and allied agencies, most of whose members must be good, honest and industrious individuals but not really a few number thereof are criminal protectors if not criminals themselves – such that people are in fact afraid of them.

Something must be wrong with a Judicial System that annually handles hundreds/thousands of Criminal Cases which however remain undecided upon forever and ever such that Courts actually become bodegas of pending cases – with the criminals in effect left free to commit more crimes.

What should be done? Tell the administration to get its act together or to get out of the picture? Advise the PNP and its kindred agencies to do better job or they would be out of job? Inform the Courts of the land to put criminals behind bars or the criminals would get rid of them?