Friday, July 22, 2016


Labor has priority over capital – even but considering that in the process  production, it is labor which is its basic efficient cause, with capital simply remaining as the means precisely entrusted to labor to work on and enrich it.  The truth is that even a good number of capital holdings in the hands of different individuals or corporations, invested on different economic ventures, the ground reality remains that said capital investments are in fact primarily sustained and ultimately enhanced by labor – considering that no capital builds itself.  Without labor, capital remains the same in amount and value.  And when altogether untouched by labor, capital becomes even gradually less in value by reason of devaluation.  A stagnant capital – untouched and undeveloped by labor – eventually brings about a loss in value, a decrease in its purchasing power.

Capital being basically but an instrumental reality, the same may not serve  the common good when not enriched by labor – even but considering that capital is usually built  from the resources of nature through the intervention of labor itself.  It wherefore altogether untrue that capital is enriched by capital whereas it is precisely labor that makes it grow in amount and value.  Capital wherefore is in truth the heritage of those who put it up plus those who work on it precisely to continuously  not only preserve but also build it up.  This being the truth, the objective reality is that neither the “Lord of capital” nor the “Master of labor” may legitimately claim absolute command over capital and labor respectively – under penalty of bilateral loss.

It is not only contrary to sound reason but also a denial of objective reality to own and use the means of production precisely as an instrument of undermining the nature of labor and demeaning the dignity of labourers.  it is worth seriously thinking and deciding if the means of production are not after all meant to serve labor more than capital.  This is based on the universal destiny  of temporal goods in favour of both capitalists and labourers, in favour of both individuals and communities.

As to matter of profit, while this factor must be recognized, it is definitely not the chief nor exclusive motive of any economic enterprise – realistically thinking and truthfully speaking.  The genuine purpose of a business form is not simply to make profit but also to serve the needs of labor plus the interest of the community of persons concerned.  Such is contrary to egoistic capital self-service that diminishes if not altogether cancels the social relevance of business enterprise.

The matter of just wages according to the realistic possibilities of an economic enterprise, the question of safe and healthy working conditions, the issue of proper collective bargaining, the good too of the managers together with their administrative assistants – these are some of the serious issues that should be properly addressed and rightfully answered in the world of business.  More.  The matter of “Family Wage”, the practice of “Profit Sharing”, the question of periodic “Stock Distribution” – these are some of the noble and praiseworthy concessions of capital to labor that can be considered and acted upon.

There is the image of a humble worm – with a signal lesson to capital and labor:  When whole, the worm lives.  When divided, the worm dies.       

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Politics – being a human agenda, a human venture and a human activity – may not be over and above rational principles and ethical standards – not to say moral norms.  In other words, politics being by the people, about the people, and for the people, cannot but be reasonably ruled and legitimately moderated by objective truths precisely such as those forwarded by reason and ethics in accord not only with the principles of Natural Law but also the demands of Positive Law – otherwise, Philippine politics would be a profound misfortune if not a downright curse of the Filipino citizens.  Following are the three more salient fundamental truths guiding politics – with the good of man as their ultimate goal:

1.  Equality of Human Beings – the basic premise of Politics.

Equality of human beings has direct relevance and reference to the intrinsic value of their human lives, the same esteem of their human dignity plus the same recognition of and respect for their basic human rights.  The equality of human beings productive of human solidarity is readily undone by political unfair ventures, covetous designs, specially unjust plans and projects that favor but some individuals and/or families.  The rest, never mind.

2.  Human Dignity – the primary principle of politics.

Politics that attentively respects human dignity and consistently promotes human solidarity cannot but be duly appreciated and accordingly supported by the citizenry whereas said political reality is a great affirmation of the human community as a whole.  Human dignity is a fundamental reality that immediately emerges from the distinct truth that every human person – every man, woman, and child – is definitely not but a product of either evolution or devolution.  Candidly speaking, there is human evolution when man transits from good to better and there is human devolution when he turns from bad to worse.

3.  Common Good –the goal of political activity.

The pursuit and emergence of the common good – this is the cardinal rationale and objective of politics.  Such noble objective is intended for and geared towards the welfare of the community as a whole.  It is always a big disaster when political agenda are made to seek and promote the common good of politicians.  Needless to say, the honest-to-goodness over-all objective of any and all political activities  is to gradually but surely bring about the sum total of all those conditions of social living that enable individuals, families, their associations and/or  organizations to realize their legitimate aspirations, to achieve their human fulfillment – and thus ultimately make them live in unity and peace.

In conclusion, let it be clearly and emphatically said that when a people live in harmony and peace, when a nation stands firm and secure, the over-all cause of such a blessing and attribution is ultimately good politics based on the equality of human persons, on the dignity of human individuals, on the reality of the common good.  Conclusion:  Philippines politics still have much to do and to undo.  Filipino politicians still have much to learn and to unlearn.  

Monday, July 18, 2016


All the needed documentations were made and/or presented.  All the interested representations were heard.  All the arguments have been given.  The Tribunal worked long and much.  The arbitration was eventually done.  The verdict was released.  But the tense status quo remains the same in essence.  The dispute continues unresolved.  No one won in the discord.  The tension is still existent.  The official and categorical conclusion of the illustrious Tribunal is plain and clear in substance.  The West Philippine Sea belongs to the Philippines!  What a profound verdict!  What a historical conclusion!  What an impressive finding!  This would be like saying that the Philippine Eagle is neither a Chinese bird nor an American chicken! Amazing conclusion.

The Philippines is interested in the Case for several reasons – like the sea business, the fuel search, the integrity of its area of coverage.  But North America is also markedly interested in the Case basically for one fundamental reason:  Its own national security.  It is not a secret that Uncle Sam wants to fight his wars far from his own territorial coverage.  This amply explains the existence and maintenance of American Bases in other Countries.  And this too is precisely the rationale of the recent EDCA phenomenon by virtue of which any Philippine Military Base may be now used by North American Forces to install in and operate their own weaponry – in the event that any Country in Asia like China would be in a warring mood someday, somehow.

The truth of the matter is that the issue about the West Philippine Sea brought to nothing less than the attention of the International Arbitrary Tribunal  or the International Tribunal of Arbitration, is not really but between two but three parties of interest:  NORTH AMERICA – Philippines – CHINA.(Difference in emphasis intended)  Powerful North America does not love China.  Powerful China does not love North America. The Philippines is in-between them.  This makes the Philippines a useful stepping stone  for North America to reach/dominate China and for China to reach/dominate North America – all in the light of the saying “Might is right.”    The problem is that when a mighty Country wants to have dominion over another mighty Country by virtue of the said maxim, the poor and thus weak Countries usually become their stepping stones.  Sad but true.

Back to the long-awaited supposedly monumental arbitration done by nothing less than an International Tribunal:  Whereas China from the very start did not really join the arbitration done and much less recognize the conclusion thereof, the ground reality remains that it is still between the Philippines and China that the resolution of the issue can be done.  And rightly so.  The issue is really between the   Philippines and China.  And the resolution of the problem then should be between them too.  This is when diplomatic talks come to order.  And this is when its acceptable resolution could be eventually reached – with both of them mutually winning and losing something.

If even war can be stopped by a give-and-take diplomacy, by a lose and gain agreement – with none of the parties therein involved as a total winner or an absolute loser – why can’t the Philippines and China themselves have their own compromise agreement which is another phrase for reconciliation, which is another term for peace.  Why not?

Friday, July 15, 2016


Gambling is synonymous to covetousness.  Gambling  equals avarice.  Gambling is synonymous to greed.  Gambling promotes the mentality of chance.  Gambling implants the spirit of dependence on luck, the reading of signs, the interpretation of dreams.  Gambling cultivates indolence.  Gambling divests the gamblers of good name.  Gambling creates addicts.  Gambling causes poverty.  Gambling generates crimes.  Gambling is contra sweat and industry.  Gambling impoverishes individuals, destroys families and at times even causes social disharmony.

More.  Gambling is an ethical liability, a moral cancer.  Gambling exploits the gamblers.  Gambling enriches the gambling operators.  Gambling corrupts not few local and national public officials.  Gambling foments crimes.  Gambling destroys decency, sound value system, laudable cultural traits.  Gambling usually comes with guns and goons for the sake of gold.  Gambling is a masquerade for the promotion of social action, the granting of social benefits, the pursuit of social development as justifications.  Gambling makes the end justify the means.

More.  Gambling is anything but a “Gaming” and an “Amusement” – all pretenses to the contrary notwithstanding.  Gambling attracts gangsters, sinister characters, dubious figures.  Gambling definitely  and continuously invite money launderers specially from foreign shores.  Gambling is a haven for money lenders repaid with multiplied and multiplying interest rates.  Gambling is dangerous and not simply difficult to counteract.  Gambling is a downright vice – be this surreptitiously run and officially approved, grandiosely established and lavishly promoted.

More.  Gambling is as old as humanity.  Hence, countering it is both futile and silly.  Gambling is in the blood of Filipinos.  Hence, getting rid of it in the Philippines is practically killing its citizenry.  Gambling is but a form of entertainment.  Hence, without it, people would simply wallow in lamentation and self-pity.  Gambling is merely a recreation.  Hence, in its absence, there would be but idleness and dejection.  Gambling provides work for people.  Hence without it, people would have no work at all.  One answer to all the above allegations:  Really?

It is a consolation to take notice of the fact that the new administration has something contra gambling.  No.  it has neither censured much less stopped gambling in the land.  But it  already said something about doing away with “Online Gambling” which only a wizard could count how many, would know where they are, who are their operators.  It is now incumbent upon the people to know and to speak whether such a presidential option simply fell on deaf ears or in fact being acted upon.  Such counter-gambling move  is good for a start.

But then what about the no less than some 33 illegal forms of gambling in the Country – from Alpor  to Video Karera, from Loteng to Sakla, from Bookies to Hataw, from Masiao to Pares-Pares, etc., etc., etc.?  Just as in the so-called Legal Gambling”, even in such illegal gambling modalities, the Gambling Lords – be this the government itself or private individuals – are ultimately the winners, the beneficiaries, the victors.  So sad yet so true!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Not long after the assumption of office by no less than the President now alone and at rest,  the said Head of State, the Chief Executive, the Commander-in-Chief and wherefore looked upon as the highest Public Servant for rendering public good and working for public welfare was begged to please – Please! – take a look at the practically national vice implanted and promoted by the illegal numbers games specially in terms of the infamous Jueteng in Luzon and the Visayas plus Masiao in Mindanao.  Being a markedly corrupt and corrupting agenda – and wherefore officially and rightfully considered illegal – that nonchalantly cheat the gamblers and fatten the infamous Gambling Lords and that corrupt many supposedly local public servants and numerous policemen as a matter of course – the infamous answer of the then sitting highest public authority in the Land was fast and clear, plain and simple:  “It is not my priority.”

For such a key public Official himself  to say as a matter of course such a stand on something illegal, predatory, and vicious was not only unexpected but also surprising, intriguing, and even scandalous as well.  But now, it has become crystal clear:  Contrary to all expectations of the impressive oratories on “Tuid na daan”, “Daang matuid”, or something the like, strange but true, the same highest public official proved to be a great advocate of gambling himself.  So it is that PAGCOR is practically all over the land operating in no less than some 35 gambling sites.  And so it is that ParaƱaque and Pasay have become extra official gambling sites such that a special skyway is even built to make it easier and faster for foreign professional gamblers – some of whom are said to be big money launderers – to go with ease and awe  to such luxurious gambling places all of which are strangely if not scandalously exempted from AMLAC.

Below are listed some of the Illegal” and “Legal: more known forms of gambling in the Country:

Illegal:  Alpor.  Beto-Beto.  Biyaya. Bookies. Kara y Krus.  Dice.  Ending.  First Ball.  Fourty One.  Forty Four.  Hataw.  Last Two.  Loteng.  Lucky Nine.  Monte.  Pares-Pares.  Partida.  Pula o Puti.  Pusoy/Pusoy 2.  Quadro de Jack.  Sakla.  Salisi.  Suertres.  Tupada.  Video Karera.  Etc., etc.

Legal:  Baccarat. Bingo.  Big and Small.  Black Jack.  Craps.  Cockfight.  EZ2.  Faigow.  Genuine Pairs.  Horse Racing.  Lotto.  Pontoon.  Roulette.  Slot Machines.  STL.  Stud Poker.  Super 6.  Jai-Alai.  Etc., etc.

Just for the record, gamblers are not exactly honorable and respectable; trustworthy and dependable, reputable and admirable people.  Reasons:  Gambling is synonymous with greed, avarice, covetousness.  Gambling promotes the mentality of chance, cultivates the disposition of dependence, foments the trait of indolence.  Gambling leads to corruption, addiction, shamelessness.  Gambling exploits gamblers and can even destroy their profession, impoverished if not also break their families.  Gambling is a social curse, a moral cancer, a danger to sound ethical standard.  Gambling is a vice that degrades the person, undermines his/her moral standing, erodes his/her social bearing.  Is this too profound to understand?