Friday, October 02, 2015


Now, it is a fable.  It is a joke.  It is passé.  But when it was declaimed for the first time before a big public inaugural gathering, there were loud cheers, long claps, plus much admiration from the general public.  When not long thereafter it was invoked and even shouted every now and then, people  but wondered what was it all about and smiled at the somehow still well-known jargon.  But when now invoked for political purposes – specially during these times leading to election 2016 – the public reaction ranges from laughter to disgust, from wonder to aversion.  Translation:  A political candidate who adopts and thus invokes the now infamous jargon ipso facto loses votes.

So it is that “Daang Matuid” has become but a big hallucination, not a ground reality.  It is but one big joke to laugh about, not a truth to be edified with.  It is but a sound bite, not really an actuality.  Given the indispensable service of the KKK, considering the downright amorality of the DAP and PDAF inventions , thinking of the day and night customary killing and stealing, the habitual criminality not only in the streets but also in the homes – not to mention the manufacture, consumption and exportation of prohibited drugs, the production and distribution of pornographic materials not only about adults but about teenagers as well , plus the exportation of people and importation of garbage – one understandably wonders:  Where is the “Daan”?  How come is it “Matuid”?  The chant has become not only a big joke but also a downright insult to people with the right mind and common sense judgment.

No wonder then that as such, a once perceived noble and edifying maxim – supposedly standing for integrity, rectitude, honesty – has become one big joke after another through different versions heard and/or read in various media outlets – such as the following:

“Daang matuid kuno pero sa liko-liko patungo.”  Translation:  The presidential leadership is anything but noble and trustworthy – even but considering the incarnation of various novel ways of fooling around with public funds that filled the pockets of many except the needy.

“Matuid na Daan patungo sa kanal.”  Translation:  The Malacañang occupant had in effect led the Country to troubling facts such as the Hacienda Luisita debacle, the subjugation of the Legislature, the Mamasapano Massacre preceded by the Mendiola Massacre.

“Daang tutuwad-tuwad.”   Translation:  A leader who says what he is told to, who does what he is asked to do, who attends to his personal agenda on line with his personal interests is but a confused and confusing individual.  Being but led and self-preoccupied, a leader he is certainly not.

Lastly, there is the newest one that says:  “Daang matuid na di madaanan.”  Needless to say, this has reference to roads with non-moving traffic, drivers who fall asleep, passengers who grow older in the buses, streets that serve as parking areas instead.

With malice towards none, with but truth in mind!     

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


On the occasion of the forthcoming national elections, considering the key individuals in the immediately past and still present administration, and gradually but surely knowing the persons – their respective action and reaction patterns pursuant to their respective personality constitution – of those aspiring for high political offices in particular, some of the questions that readily come to mind are the following:  Who are they and what are they?  What are the bad things they have done and the good things they have failed to do?  Why will I vote for him and not for her, for these and not those?  In other words, who are the candidates for election deserving of getting my vote – and why?  More questions: Will I vote at all?  So what if I vote and so what if I do not vote?  Would my vote make a difference – or it might not even be counted at all?  Questions and more questions!

There is nevertheless one key question that is begging for an answer – all arguments to the contrary notwithstanding.  It is a practical question to which there seems to be more than one answer – given the twisted and twisting socio-economic condition, the dubious political set-up plus human freedom cancelled by poverty in the Country.  It is in fact a fundamental question, the composite answer to which might not even be relevant to the now already known and those still to be known candidates for office – the Office of the President in particular.  Question:  considering the basically sad plight of the Filipinos these days and attending to the precarious condition of the Philippines inside and out, what attributes should the candidate for the President have in possession as an individual and as an official?  What about:

Integrity:  This is the very first requirement that comes to mind – taking into account the long since standing Philippine government situation where graft is standard and corruption is customary, where thievery has become the usual and honesty is unusual,  specially in the halls of political power.

Intelligence:  This is not about  mental disorder, not about personality disturbance – or anything the like.  It simply means that a President should at least have the  right knowledge and proper understanding of both theories and realities.

Industry:  If this virtuous attribute is demanded of the common tao, much more is it mandatory  for anyone pursuing the tenure of a public mandate – specially the presidential office.  Indolence is then a curse, disappearing acts are taboo.  Public office in the hands of a lazybones is a fatal contradiction.

In these days and times in the Philippines, it has become a fundamental personal attribute that the higher office one has, the more the same should know and learn how to look down.  Translation:  Instead of being fixated with the well-being of those belonging to the “high class” of society, a leader in the national level should attend very much more to the needs and the cries of Filipinos in the “low class” of the socio-economic pyramid.  

Monday, September 28, 2015


It’s here!  It has begun!  It is exciting and entertaining!  It is still next year but it is already now.  It is not yet known who is who, what is what.   This is part of the guessing game.  This is excitement time.  Yes, little by little, slowly but surely, here they come – admiring themselves, selling  themselves, promising heaven on earth, coveting elective public offices from top to bottom of the twisted and twisting government structure.  They  promise public service though having self-service in mind and heart.  And not few of them loudly offer themselves for the common welfare only to engage in dynastic well-being.  These are the times of public self-admiration, self-adoration, self-delusion.  The circus has begun!  Happy days are here again!

It is not really bad when graft and corrupt practices in government have become ingredients of political custom and tradition.  The politicians at least have their pockets full  and overflowing even.  What is wrong with making people an export industry – selling women and children included?  This is big business productive of big remittances that keep pitifully poor Philippines economy afloat.  Never mind the Countrywide poverty with its accompanying criminality.  It is alright if drugs are not only manufactured for local consumption and also intended for foreign exportation.  So it is that Death Penalty is superfluous. Killing and being killed have become rather common in the Philippine scene.

But not all features of the political campaigns that are now already on-going – be this contrary or according to law – are bad or censurable.  Why?  Much money go back to the people who after all are themselves the source of the money through their direct, indirect and redirect taxes, etc., etc.  they pay from the womb to the tomb.  But this is not all.  There are big, well-lighted and noisy stage shows held here and there, entertainment events now and then graced by popular actors and actresses for the right fees.  This is not to mention the loud declamations and pompous perorations that are heard – plus the golden promises and Cloud 9 assurances  that are made.  Translation:  The political candidates actually promise heaven on earth – if elected.  It is during the days not long before the election day itself that a standard political tripod comes to fore:  Illusion-Hallucination-Delusion affecting a good number of political candidates.

By way of a reality check, democracy in the Philippines has really nothing to do with the sovereignty of the people.  For a people wallowing in poverty and yet have the sovereignty in their Country is a big joke, a flagrant contradiction.  So is it that the Sacred Constitution of the Philippines categorically stating that sovereignty resides in the People – this is a big joke, an hallucination incarnate.  The truth of the matter is that sovereignty rests with the politicians elected into office by the poor and helpless people – an “election” through the standard employ of guns, goons and gold, through machines that do not know how to count, through the fervent desire and the pursuant careful design of Uncle Sam.  “We, the sovereign Filipino people…”?  Come on, be real!        

Friday, September 25, 2015


“The following are incapable of contracting marriage:

1.  Those who lack sufficient use of reason.
2.  Those who suffer from grave lack of discretion in judgment concerning the essential matrimonial rights and obligations mutually given and accepted in the Marriage Covenant.
3.  Those who, because of causes of psychological nature,  are unable to assume the essential obligations of marriage.” (cf/ Canon 1095 nos. 1-3 CIC)

“Incapable of Contracting Marriage”:  Thus reads the formal over-all title of the above-cited complex as well as complicated canonical provision about those disabled from validly contracting marriage – be this on the part of the woman and/or of the man, and be they altogether free from all Diriment Impediments and free as well from other factors causative of Defective Matrimonial Consent.  Needless to say, the above-cited marriage nullifying provision is very much more serious than other marriage invalidity causes.  Reason:  Someone considered nothing less than incapacitated or disabled from contracting  a valid marriage means that the subject party concerned is adversely affected by his/her own seriously adverse personality constitution such as in terms of downright mental disorder, judgment disability or socio-affective maladjustment.

It is not hard to understand that doing away with the usual or common impediments and/or freeing oneself from other marriage nullifying factors is not that intricate in order to bring about an integral and wherefore valid matrimonial consent.  But getting rid of the socio-affective (“psychological”) incapacity to contract an effective marriage is not that easy to do – taking into account that the said disability is inherent to the personality constitution of the man and the woman concerned, specifically in conjunction with marriage.  It is worth noting that the said incapacity is manifested in the external forum through the errant and erratic actuation and behavioral patterns of the subject party concerned – with the pursuant expert diagnostic affirmation and/or confirmation of noted clinical psychologists and/or psychiatrists.

The categorical incapacitating cause for marriage in terms of “Lack of Sufficient Use of Reason” or “Grave Lack of Discretionary Judgment” or “Inability to Assume the Essential Obligations of Marriage” may not necessarily disable someone from doing other ordinary tasks – but definitely not the combined trio of spousal, conjugal and parental 24/7 living in an indivisible and insoluble marriage.

So it is that as a matter of normative-pastoral concern, the man or the woman – or both of them – thus proven judicially incapacitated from contracting a valid marriage through a formal Church Tribunal is ipso facto barred from contracting another marriage through a “Restrictive Cause” – the lifting of which would readily expose a subsequent marriage of the subject party concerned to but another marriage nullity.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


It is true that the contentious trial of the plea for a Marriage Nullity Declaration for a given cause – as concretely and specifically provided by Church Law in kind and in number – is quite demanding and therefore tedious for the couple as well as for the Tribunal concerned.  It is true that the said procedural trial could and should be abbreviated one way or another – without the least sacrificing what is true, what is right, what is just.   It is wherefore both opportune and admirable for Pope Francis – “Lolo Kiko” continuously and ardently pleading for “Mercy and Compassion”  - to seek the abbreviation of the Marriage Nullity Proceedings.  Below enumerated as provided by Canon Law are the major or basic phases of the said Process:

1.  Petition presenting the Marriage Nullity Suit.

2. Summons of the Petitioner and Respondent.

3.  Determination of the Marriage Nullity Ground.

4.  Opening of the Trial.

5.  Declaration of the Petitioner and the Respondent.

6.  Presentation of Documentary Evidence.

7.  Testimonies of the Witnesses in the Case.

8.  Pronouncement of the Experts on the alleged Nullity Ground.

9.  Conclusion of the Case.

10.  Pleadings by Procurator-Advocate and the Defender of the Bond.

11.  Judgment by the Tribunal.

12.  Appeal to the Superior Tribunal.

13.  Review of the Judgment.

14.  Pronouncement of the Superior Tribunal.

As to the time span needed for the procedural resolution of every Case, the more relevant factors therein is the intricacy of its alleged nullity ground plus the local and/or foreign home addresses of the Parties in the Case plus the latter’s  Judgment on the Case in the “Affirmative” or “Negative” plus the formal Notification of the Parties concerned and the Church where the marriage took place for the required registry of the Final Judgment in its Canonical Book of Marriages.