Friday, September 04, 2015


On the occasion of the recently concluded demonstration of members of the “IGLESIA NI CRISTO” (INC) for having felt much offended by the Department of Justice in taking into consideration the complaint of this or those members against this or those superiors in the national executive level of the INC, in addition to the call for “Religious Freedom”, the more distinct cry made was “Separation of Church and State”.

The 1987 Constitution of the Philippines rightfully and categorically provides:  “The Separation of Church and State shall be inviolable.” (Art. II, Declaration of Principles and State Policies, Section 6).

So is it that among other things, the Republic of the Philippines shall not have any official religion represented by any Church in the Country – be this the Catholic Church, the Church of Christ and all other churches and sects in the Philippines included.  So it is that every ordinary Filipino as well as every Public Official are altogether free to profess their opted religion, free to practice their chosen faith, free to affiliate themselves with any desired Church or something the like.  This in more simple language is the substantive meaning of “Religious Freedom” which is a necessary consequence of the said “Separation of Church and State” in the Country.

Just for information for whatever purpose it may serve, the Catholic Church the world over has her own normative universal provision in consonant response to the above-cited Separation of Church and State.  Canon Law stipulates:  “Clerics are forbidden to assume public office whenever it means sharing in the exercise of civil power.”  (Canon 285, par. 3 CIC) Cleric refers to all Catholic Deacons, Priests and Bishops all over the world.  This definite and defined canonical provision is in the realm of the maxim “No one can serve two masters.”  So is it that in the event that any Cleric would dare violate the above-cited Church Law, he is either officially suspended from exercising the clerical ministry as a whole or formally  dismissed from the Clerical State itself.

But then, the constitutionally provided Separation of Church and State in no way means that any member of a given Church, Sect or Religion is free or exempted from observing the laws of the Land, from answering to any proven violation of any criminal, civil and/or administrative law duly enacted in the State through its government for observance in the Country.  So it is that the State is bound to observe and respect its separation from any and all given religious groupings.  The same however is bound to impose its laws upon all its citizens – irrespective of any creed they subscribe to.

In other words, the Separation of church and State in no way means that any individual member of any Church is beyond the reach of the arm of the law the moment the former violates the latter.  This is not only the rule of law but also the demand of justice.  To believe, to say, to claim otherwise is inanity.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015


What is “Spiritual Direction” particularly as far as Catholics are concerned?  It can be said that three standing assumptions to undergo the said practice are any one or all of the following:  One, there is a major question to answer or a big decision to make which requires a special inspiration and much needed guidance from God.  Two, there is someone with the well felt need of giving the answer to a question and eventually making the decision primarily through the inspiration of God Who helps those pleading for enlightenment specially in conjunction with delicate and/or taxing human agenda to undertake or not, to face and how.  Three,  there is the much felt trust in someone special and thus perceived to be distinctly gifted in giving the needed enlightenment on account of his/her special closeness to the Good Lord Who finds the same much willing to listen.

On the matter of “Spiritual Direction” itself, strictly speaking, it is meant to give someone the inspiration of the way to take, to follow and act accordingly.  It is intended for Christian believers in particular, to know what to do or avoid, what to promote or do away with – all with the inspiration and help of God.  So is it that even Priests and Sisters, even Bishops and the Pope himself , have their own respective Spiritual Directors to help them see or know what they should seek or abandon, what they should do or avoid from so doing – all in the light or guidance of God the Holy Spirit.  Woe to those who seek or abandon, what they should do or avoid from so doing – all in the light or guidance of God the Holy Spirit.  Woe to those who seek advice and/or direction but from the so-called “Manghuhula”  for a fee, to look for guidance from those said to have a “Third Eye” for stipend.  More often than not, such could be the picture of the “Blind leading a blind” – with both possibly ending in a canal, so to speak.

Recently, it made news when someone now quite well-known or famous was said to have gone to a Carmelite Monastery  in a given place and sought guidance from a certain – likewise rather well-known – Sister.  Reason:  The former wanted to seek advice from the latter – in addition to asking for prayers – in view of a highly significant matter the said individual has to decide upon in due time.  The eventual decision made would have a profound relevance and wide impact on a big number of people in the Country.

Usually mentioned as rationale for seeking Spiritual Direction specially from a rather well-known God-oriented individual are one or all of the following:  One,  there is a question demanding a response that is not only serious but also difficult to answer.  Two,  the individual thus concerned seeks God’s inspiration for him or her to be duly guided in making the right decision.  Three,  the person concerned sincerely wants to know what is the Will – the plan, the design and desire – of God for him or her.

Caution:  It is not a secret that in the time past, a good number of also rather well-known individuals went to the said place and spoke to the same Sister supposedly to seek “Spiritual Direction”.  But it has been established in the past that such a sublime intention apparently took place merely because the person concerned had nowhere else to go and simply because the other individual involved ought some self-advertisement.  If such were true, then they would eventually be the losers.    

Monday, August 31, 2015


It is truly sad to know and be aware of the fact that there are a good number of incumbent public officials in the national level of government who are bent on fooling around with, if not doing their best in effectively destroying the nature and finalities of marriage as stipulated by Natural Law and affirmed by ethical principles.  This phenomenon has particular relevance to the still – already too long – ruling administration together with its well-rewarded allies in the Legislative Department.  It must be admitted that they are not simply sly but also ingenious in their common venture to destroy the fundamental assumptions as well as the essential finalities of such a sacred and serious institution as the Marriage Covenant which is definitely and categorically very much more than a mere contract in line with the business norm of “No exchange.  No return.”  Instead of “OK to Change and Return.”

Time and again it has been said and still  being mentioned that among the well-designed and accordingly desired legislations of this allegedly “Daang Matuid” government, the following take precedence:  POPULATION CONTROL, DIVORCE and SAME SEX MARRIAGE – the last two of which are delayed because of the unexpected BBL.  It is rather strange and quite interesting to take not of the well-standing fact that the over-all Chief-in-Command is single to this date and time.  So it is that likewise time and again it is asked why the deep and lasting interest and preoccupation about the said three legislative fixations?

They already have succeeded in undermining the significance and implications of Responsible Parenthood by the so-called “Reproductive Health Law” which is precisely against human reproduction, not to mention the abortive accompanying features thereof.  One thing worth  noting is that those against human reproduction are already reproduced by their parents.

As of now, Congress in fact already have the draft of the “Same Sex Marriage” – the ultimate camouflaged formal heading thereof is still not yet known and might be even imprudent  to already disclose it.  There is not the least maliciousness much less evil intention vs. the LGBT in countering such a legislation with manifest sexual implications – a legislation which is a big futility vs. basic truth and ground reality.

And here now comes the enigmatic opted legislation curiously called “Partial Divorce” – or something the like.  A divorce that is but “Partial” and wherefore “Total” it is not?  Does that mean that there would be such a thing as “Partial Marriage” as well – partial husband and wife, partial marital life, partial parental relationship?  Amusing!

The truth of the matter is that the proposed legislation essentially means the following:  When a marriage is between a foreigner and a Filipino citizen, in the event that the former files for and obtains a divorce, then the latter is legally held capable of re-marrying too.  How many divorces one may file and obtain, how many remarriages one may enter into – this is not yet stipulated as of now.  (Cf. Family Code of the Philippines, Art. 26, pars. 1 and 2)  Interesting!     

Friday, August 28, 2015

“OO.” “OHO.” “OPO.”

Let it be said with rightful wonder and pride that the Filipinos have certain rather sensitive and admirable cultural values that have developed much and well in the passage of time – such as in certain modes of relating one with the other.  Yes, there are liars, covetous individuals and even criminals among them.  Yes, a certain number of them have become rather good at deceiving others, stealing from them, making these miserable and desperate.  And yes, there is a good number of phenomena they may not be in any way proud of such as drug manufacturing in their midst, women-selling they see, gambling unlimited they know.  And while Filipinos are exported long time since, lately, nothing less than garbage is imported to the Philippines.

Filipinos in general are kind.  They are used to helping one another.  They rejoice with those celebrating as they condole with the grieving.  While they may simply shake hands with ordinary people, they readily embrace their long-time friends and close relatives.  And one observance that is quite rare to see if not altogether undone among people, Filipino boys and girls, as well as young men and women, kiss the hands of their parents plus their elders as a sign of affection and deference.  As a rule, Filipinos are warmhearted and humane.

Filipinos in general are industrious.  Yes, there are those who can be said as indolence incarnate, i.e., they are addicted to doing nothing, to depending on others, to but existing and not really living.  But these are the exceptions to the rule.  Most of them sweat much to earn a living, employ their mind to work with, used their hands to toil and be productive as personified by farmers.  They till the soil.  They plant seedlings.  They do the harvesting – and do the same the whole year round, year after year.  This is not to mention vendors in the markets as well as by the sidewalks.

Filipinos in general are optimistic.  Yes, they know how to lament but also how to celebrate.  They can cry much but also laugh out loud.  They know how to shed tears but more so how to rejoice.  So it is that the Philippines appear to have the biggest number of both religious and secular feasts.  It is said that if feast they have none or have but few of them.  No problem.  They would even invent and declare this and that celebration dates.  And behold, they have these and those feasts.  But said optimism is better understood and appreciated with their well-known national shout of “Mabuhay!”  Translation:  May you not only live but have a long life!

But there is something rather interesting to take note of – and also do as much as possible.  This is in the phenomenon of Filipinos having become respectful.  It goes this way:  Among friends and equals, they say “OO” which is understandable.  Towards the elders,  they say “OHO”.  But most noted and admirable is that not really long time since, even equals address themselves with “PO” and “OPO”.  The easiest way to hear, to know, and appreciate this phenomenon is to listen to conversations over the radio.  Though those conversing may be unequal in physical age or public standing, they address each other with “OPO” and “HINDI PO”.  This is great!  This is admirable!  This is the Filipino – now!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Would that it were otherwise.  Would that it is not but pessimism.  Would that it is rather “So far, so good.” instead of “So far, so bad.” It does not take profound awareness nor much intellectual acumen to be aware of certain painful truths as far as the 2016 Election is concerned.  Such a sad and saddening reality has to be noted this early – even if only for people to be aware of the disturbing factors plus negative vibes now already emerging even relatively long before the actual 2016 political exercise.

For a starter, it is enough to watch the weird gimmickry, to listen to senseless claims of certain aspirants to national offices.  Such actually sick acclamations for political self-service are now already on-going through various ways and means.  So it is that:  Markedly bogus claims are made.  Rather strange self-selling stunts are staged – with various heavenly  claims and cloud-9 promises.  Those concerned even make the sickening self-defense that what they do and say have nothing to do with the forthcoming elections.  Such assertions are not only lies incarnate but also expressions of nothing less than nonsense.

But why “So far, so bad”?

The CANDIDATES: Who are now the already certain or probable Candidates particularly for high national public  Offices?  What are their credentials, if any?  Are they sound not only in physiological constitution but also – and especially so – in psychological personality composite?  Are they individuals of integrity and industry or but of nonchalance and indolence?  Do they simply talk big but do so little?  Are they concerned not only with the already wealthy and powerful but also with the poor and miserable Filipinos?  In short, who among them are really worth voting for – if any?

The COMELEC:  Does it have supposedly fast counting machines – owned or rented – that are really capable of counting well and counting right?  Would Comelec be smart enough to detect if there are more votes than voters?  While the machine suppliers appear to be already known, the questions still remain as to who will print the ballots – where, how and how many?  Will there be no machines stacked but here and there, no more Koala Bear of one kind or another, no more pre-counts somewhere before Comelec comes out with its really own count?

The VOTERS:  Why and whom will they vote for?  Will they sell their votes due to hunger and want?  Will they vote for these or those candidates because of threats, on account of fear for their own safety and/or that of their family?  Will they vote at all?  What for?  Will their votes matter at all?  Will their votes even be counted right?  How many elections were there, how many times they have voted?  How many public officials were voted into these and those offices?  But why is it that living is harder, life is worst?  Why vote at all when one government after the other appears worse than the former?

Hence:  “So far, so bad.”