Friday, August 08, 2008


What does it mean? What does it say? What does it imply? How does it become relevant? Who is its subject-object? When is it invoked?

These can be some of the questions that can be asked regarding the word “delicadeza.” But truth to say, while clearly a Spanish term, the same however is commonly known in its meaning and import among a good number of Filipinos. In fact, even illiterate individuals have a feeling when they become covered by it such that on their own, they undertake the necessary and expected action in appropriate response thereto.

In more plain and simple language, “delecadeza” means the sensitiveness of someone, the opposite of which is callousness. It says refined responsive bearing of somebody contrary to gross shamelessness. In effect, it even conveys elementary good manners and right conduct, ladylike actuation and gentlemanly behavior.

In other words, “delicadeza” stands for sensibility on the part of an individual such that it sees and reads the clear signs when the same is frowned at or looked down upon, held in disdain and looked down upon with contempt – such that someone thus basically spurned, clearly scorned or even already hated by neighbors, by the community or the people in general, eventually packs up and goes away, finally leaves or simply disappears from sight of the public in the know.

Sad to say, there is now a practically inculcated and even uncultured personality trait of certain infamous characters in the Country, utterly devoid of “delicadeza”—the loss of sensitivity and the absence of sensibility—especially in the tenure of public power and in pursuant command of public funds.

It has even came to the point that due to greed for power buoyed by greed for wealth, there seems to be nothing that can make them quit from wielding authority and influence which, after all, were just lent to them. The picture is someone so well glued to a chair that the former becomes practically inseparable from the latter notwithstanding all moves and indications that somebody else should sit thereon.

Concretely speaking, there is someone in this Country who has been holding a key public office for seven long years, who is the object of many protests and angry rallies, who is repeatedly denounced and loudly vilified, who in so many ways and through different means is clearly told to quit, to go away, to disappear. Yet the personality concerned simply continues to live and act gloriously, serenely goes about in a merry way, pretending to see nothing and hear nothing as well. This personality is indeed the sublime example of insensitivity and insensibility.

Perceived as a most corrupt public official, declared as holding on to an important public office without moral ascendancy, and consequently rated as the most unacceptable public leader in so many decades of Philippine History, the key official under question nevertheless, merely continues to hold heed high and chin up, with immense self-esteem and great personal pride. This is the big incarnate manifestation of the dire lack of “DELICADEZA.”

+OVCruz, DD
August 8, 2008