Wednesday, August 06, 2008

fighting too many battles

Even the most elementary records kept and books written about the generalities and particulars of the “Art of War” proclaim in unison that fighting too many battles is not only futile but also fatal not only for the general but also for all the latter’s battalions no matter how loyal and devoted these are to their war leader. The cardinal rule wherefore is not only choosing one’s battle but also decidedly and skillfully avoiding fighting too many battles. This is asking for one big composite trouble, viz., one huge compound and complex loss!

There is still the annoying issue of legitimacy of the Malacañang occupant. There is the well remembered State Emergency and much debated Pre-empted Calibrated Response whatever these panicky Government responses really meant. There is the convenient Executive Order 464 to hide the inconvenient truths of “lagay”, “bukol” and “tongpats” on Government deals.

There is the big Expanded Value-Added Tax (E-VAT) curse insistently and ridiculously invoked for the benefit of the poor. There is the curiosity well deregulated oil prices vis-à-vis the much regulated salaries and wages. There is further the constant lack of employment in the land and the consequent ever increasing number of OFWs some of whom come back to the Country in coffins.

There is the ever-increasing price of basic food and standard commodities – in the event that they are available at all. There is the unsettling question of the diminishing value of the Philippine peso. There is the unavailability of education for children of destitute families plus the moral impossibility of affordable good education for the general public.

There is the ever-increasing poverty in the Country – notwithstanding the vain predictions of “Super Regions” and empty projection of the Philippines as a “First World Country” soon. There is the odious political transactions and consequent political accommodation of administration allies and cohorts. There is the fearsome rising hunger and criminality in the land.

There is the endless government graft and corrupt practices plus progressively resentful citizenry towards a national leader perceived as most distrusted and least effective. Add hereto the no less than eight SONA’s that were basically considered as predictable and wherefore tiring big fairy tales – told with either entertainment finality or delivered with a delusional perspective. There must be more of these lamentable economic reversals and pathetic socio-political actualities confronting the ruling administration. The above though are more than enough.

Each and every reality in the Philippines scenery those cited above is one concrete and big battle that the present government is squarely faced with and strongly challenged to meet. But more dangerous and deadly is the rather very strange phenomenon that the Malacañang occupant instead seems to feel and act as God’s gift to the people, as heaven’s blessing upon the Country. In short, the paradox of it all is that it actually sees no battle to fight but only victories to celebrate. What a hopeless case!

+OVCruz, DD
August 6, 2008