Monday, August 04, 2008

pigging on pigs

The ways adopted and the means used to promote and specialized in graft and corrupt practices in the Country have been more deeply ingrained and pervasive in practically all agencies of the present leadership. Honesty and integrity among public officials have become a rarity if not a downright abnormality. There was in fact the recent spectacle of merely three or four local government officials who came together to affirm their solidarity stand for clean governance. There must be thousands of so called public servants all over the Philippines. If merely three of four of them could openly say and publicly proclaim their option for honesty and integrity in public office, it can be rightfully said that the Filipinos are dried and fried.

Without mentioning the long and continuing litany of errant deeds and erratic misdeeds under the ruling administration—specially on the part of those in undue command of power and influence—it has come to the point that corruption under the present government appears to have reached nothing less putrid than the gutters. From space in terms of the disgusting NBN ZTE deal to the dismaying fertilizer scam that fecundated cemented street or asphalted roads, down to pigging on pigs—this is how low some government affiliated people have gone in shamelessly feeding themselves and in effect devouring with public funds.

And there is Malacañang daring even to question it’s likewise gutter rating in public approval and satisfaction, public trust and confidence! Strange that after its seven long years of continuously aggravating disdain by and increasing distrust of more and more citizens as periodically released by all known independent survey agencies – both and foreign based ones – Malacañang recently asked for the verification of its pitiful acceptance rating. Yet, it even haughtily and even repeatedly claimed before that governance is not a popularity rating. But recently and all of a sudden, it is demanding some kind of a proof of the truth of its many previous progressively dismal survey conclusions.

To someone possibly console itself, it might be good for Malacañang to make its own survey of applause and cheer rating from the following well chosen individuals, such much blessed allies and high benefited characters: Cabinet members, loyalist senators and congressmen, and beneficiary provincial, city and municipal officials. Who knows? It is probable that said people will give Malacañang a glorious rating. But since this is not really a certainty after all, it would be good for the Palace to provide some kind of a cheating mechanism to change the unwanted survey result. After all, cheating is not something alien to it.

But come what may regarding the moral bankruptcy of the Malacañang leadership, allowing its minions to engage in pigging on pigs – this is already the proverbial “scrapping the bottom” of an already void pot of moral ascendancy. The truth is that whatever it invents to even but somehow get itself out from its big and deep moral morass, it would already be to little, too late.

+OVCruz, DD
August 4, 2008