Friday, August 01, 2008

seven curses

A curse is anything but something funny and puny, to be taken lightly and to be said frivolously. This is true not only in the scriptural context but also in the ordinary sense of the word. In simple and clear terms, a curse is nothing less than damnation, condemnation or imprecation.

A curse in effect means a great misfortune, a lasting ordeal, or a big social plague due to huge moral reversal. This is but one curse. It is horrible if they are actually SEVEN CURSES. And this is exactly the number of big maledictions that the Former Senior Government Officials (FSGO) -- who once precisely worked with the still ruling administration -- deciphered and enumerated lately, on the occasion of the most recent SONA.

As far as the FSGO were concerned, nothing less than seven damnations have befallen the Country categorically during the seven-year-long oppressing, depressing, trying and tempting governance of the MalacaƱang occupant, who they eventually rejected.

For all intents and purposes, they should know. They were there. And they decidedly left their key public offices due to their disgust and distrust towards the said Palace character. Needless to say, their option to leave the supposedly national leader was met with national admiration. They no longer wanted to be used and abused -- considering their professional expertise and personal probity. They had enough. They left and stayed away.

It is pretty hard to altogether debunk their evaluation of the saddening plight of the nation, to utterly disregard their reading of the “signs of the times.” Presenting in more simple and basic terms -- in the order of their significance and consequence.

1st Curse: Illegitimate presidency;
2nd Curse: Abuse of power;
3rd Curse: Cancer of corruption;
4th Curse: Mismanagement of agriculture;
5th Curse: Worsening poverty;
6th Curse: Deteriorating social services; and the
7th Curse: Nation robbed of dignity, unity and hope.

There they are: the SEVEN CURSES long afflicting the Filipino people, bringing them to exasperation and desperation.

The recent SONA and all the past SONA's are the exact opposite of the realities of the ground. The said addresses were one big theatrics after another, a great show of vanity and futility at the expense of public funds.

It wherefore stands to reason that policemen plus armed forces were needed to defend the occasion. Instead of the general public harboring expectation for the better, they are geared for the worst. And instead rejoicing for the event, the people dramatized their anger, carried denouncing placards, and burned their favorite effigy. Such was the scene before and during the SONA. And there is nothing in the horizon to foretell that better times are ahead.

How would the seven national curses turn to seven blessings for the Nation? What could turn financial misery to economic abundance? Where will help come from, when will salvation appear and who will bring and lead it? What will happen some two years from now? What is in store for the times ahead? What will people decide to do? What happens then?

Meantime that the above questions remain unanswered, the SEVEN CURSES rule over this otherwise dear and endearing Country.

+OVCruz, DD
August 1, 2008