Friday, July 02, 2010

jueteng metamorphosis

STRANGE but true! The jueteng curse in this otherwise country of basic peace and ease is not only the incarnation of gross deceit and brazen dishonesty, not simply like a cat with nine lives because it has more. It also, time and again, undergoes a metamorphosis of one kind or another—when certain influential and no-nonsense public authorities go after its Lords and Queens, the latter’s pawns and jokers. These individuals are much more than any professional politico with their respective dynasties.

Yet, it is not really that difficult to get these enemies of Philippine society. Reasons: there is the categorical anti-jueteng law. There are thousands of policemen—not to mention the thousand more with the authority to stop the deceptive and illegal numbers’ game. Every Pedro, Juan and Simon know who are the jueteng Lords and Queens, where they operate and live, what places they frequent, who are the shady characters they deal with. But unless there are public officials adorned with unquestionable integrity and moral authority, and who will decidedly get them and place them behind bars, blessed are the Juetengerous and damned be their millions of victims all over the country.

A known and respected Senator already said “Lubao, Pampanga, is the Vatican of Jueteng!”—or something the like. And who really does not know this—if not only people from Mars or from the Moon! Be it true or false, it is said that the illustrious Jueteng circle is now even more compact and powerful for its new distinct and famous member and illustrious patron. In other words, the new administration must have its hands full in doing away with the manipulative and corruptive numbers’ game of Jueteng by getting rid their capitalists and sponsors from the national to the local levels of government.

The members of the inner circle of the Jueteng Kingdom are only as powerful and influential as long as their sumptuous SOPs to decadent public officials and public authorities are sufficient, acceptable and regular. But lest those now trustworthy and dependable public officials and public authorities be unwary, know they should that Jueteng can be “gone” or “done away with”—only to metamorphose into “Loteng”, “STL”, “Virtual” or whatever. But just the same, in the event that the new administration truly wants to get rid of Jueteng and its in-breeding, all it needs is the decision and resolve to do so. No more. No less.

In with anti-Jueteng individuals! Away with pro-Jueteng characters!

2 July 2010