Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So it is. The socio-political honeymoon has finally began formally and officially today – after all the noise of the campaign period plus all the uproar of the pre-proclamation weeks. This is neither the time to wring hands nor to show sour faces. Much less it is the occasion for the losers to mop, nor for the winners to lap it up. Instead, this is the time: To pray for the Country. To wish its public officials well. To implore the citizens not only to claim their rights but also to do their obligations.

Be it the customary 30-day honeymoon period, be it a little less or more, it provides a good occasion for all the parties concerned, the winners, the losers, and the general public, to stay united, to do their job, to stay cool and calm, and to watch – even but for the meantime. Worry they should not because the right time and occasion – after the honey is finished and the moon is gone - - to once again take account of the good or evil done by the winners, the uselessness or usefulness of the losers, and the unity or division of the general public.

In other words, with the advent of the post-honeymoon period, lo and behold, the Country is eventually back to normal – in witnessing protest rallies and marches, in hearing loud accusations and counter accusations, in knowing who is good and who is bad plus the consequent high praises and loud blames that go therewith. For the moment, it is not hard to imagine and feel a Philippines that is politically at peace and/or ideologically in harmony. Sometime after, perhaps - - but not yet, meantime.

Being a mixture of many races and a bearer of different traits, the Filipino is neither hot nor cold, both noble and plain, cheerful now and gloomy later. There is one thing however that he is helplessly so: He loves politics. He relishes basketball. He enjoys fiesta – and if there is none, simple: He invents them! But let no one even think that he can be fooled all the times – some of the times, yes. On occasion, it seems he even likes to be footed.

Again, let the honeymoon between the new administration and the people begin! If possible, may it be longer than what is customary. Only real fools like it to fail. The rest of the People want it to succeed. Reason: Its success is theirs. In the same way, its failure is there own lost as well. Truth to say, after practically a decade of graft and corrupt practices, avarice and deceit in the “Thank God Its Gone Administration”, a new one came in, a renewed hope is around, a promising future is on. MABUHAY – PILIPINAS!

30 JUNE 2010