Monday, June 28, 2010


This is but merely noting the obvious and simply expressing the evident. There is wherefore not an element of malice nor any iota of ill-will in this submission meant only to point out a former immediate certainty and a forthcoming hesitancy in the matter of looking at and identifying government leaders when they pose for their group pictures. Said meetings and group picture have become rather frequent and common. They meet here and there, for this and that common concern, every now and then – and have their group picture taken.

Usually lined up in a straight formation, at times even wearing the national dress of the Nation where they hold their meeting – and on occasion, even holding hands as a sign of their unity – they have their pictures taken as a matter of fact. These pictures find their publication in local, regional and even international newspapers and magazines. Looking at their pictures gives one a sense of peace and unity of humanity. And identifying the figures in the picture and knowing the Country they each represent are not only interesting but also quite educational.

Once more – with feeling: there is not the least intention herein of belittling the standing of Nations. After all such avowed introductory remarks plus the repeated ardent disclaimers of any ill intention, all these are but the verbose preamble to a simple fact and pretty reality – which is sure to be gone with the going of the present leadership of the Country and the coming of a new one. This forthcoming change is neither hard nor easy to accept - but it certainly makes a difference in the matter of group picture taking and identification specially of one’s own natural leader in the group.

Here it is: Whenever the still incumbent Chief leader of the Philippines has a group picture taking with the latter’s equivalent from other Nations, the said figure is immediately identifiable and infallibly known. There is the standard row of relatively tall individuals – and, lo and behold, there is that one outstanding small and short, little and petite leader representing this Country. Just one look or glance at the group picture, and the same personality simply pops out thereof. No need to share at the picture. No need to guess who. One is immediately sure and certain.

With the in-coming national leadership, such a singular and precious advantage will be gone – even forever perhaps. It is predictable that when the in-coming one goes abroad for a meeting with other Heads of State, and they have a group picture, it will no longer be that easy nor that fast to identify him – considering that all of them must be but a little more or a little less in height. Then, one must practically stare at the picture simply in order to thereafter point him out.

Time is really changing!

28 JUNE 2010