Friday, May 09, 2014


The break is over. The Holy Week has ended. The horrible looking effigies were burned. The EDCA was signed. The Obama visit is done. Now back to the rather old normal. The PDAF galore. The PDAF plunder. The PDAF queen and her cohorts. The PDAF queen’s hospitalization. The same PDAF queen on her confession prior to her operation.

The drama goes on. The public is watching closely. The media outlets are eagerly waiting. People remain angry; so much of their private resources became public funds. Public funds went to private pockets; so much graft and very corrupt practices repeatedly and nonchalantly passed by the “Matuwid na Daan.”

Who are all the PDAF beneficiaries among the honorable public officials in the country? Why is it that only but three names are repeatedly mentioned and heard? Are the suspects only those not politically associated with Malacañang? Are all others holy men and women? What about the other members of the Senate? What about the members of Congress? What about the members of the Executive Department? And what about the lower public officials who either actively participated or played deaf and dumb by allowing themselves to be used for the big success of the PDAF scam?

One list of the suspect PDAF plunder characters is in the hands of the Secretary of Justice as revealed by the plunder queen who must be handled with great care. She personally went to Malacañang to surrender. She was received by Malacañang personally. She was accompanied to the PNP camp personally. Conclusion: The Secretary of Justice has to clear the list with Malacañang personally.

One list is in the hands of a former senator who is known for his honesty and integrity. He said where it came from. He mentioned the number of some high ranking public officials listed therein.

One list is held by the President of the Whistle Blowers. She got it from an impeccable source. She knows all those suspect in the plunder debacle. She is a trustworthy and brave woman.

Thus: And then there were three -- three lists that cannot but substantially agree who are considered as PDAF beneficiaries. While the first list has to be cleared first with Malacañang before it is actually bared, the other two lists are ready to be released any time, any day.

Does crime pay? People will know – soon!