Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Enhance Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA)

It was a surprise to the people of the Philippines in general – just like magic: There was nothing long before and all of a sudden there is something from nothing. Behold the EDCA! Some say it is a gift to someone who came for a visit. There are those who think it is beneficial to the country while there are others who say that it is in fact dangerous thereto. Some claim it is against the Constitution but others think it is precisely very well in accord therewith in the real of “Treaties”. So it was that there were those who clapped their hands loudly while others want it thrown to the garbage can. Now, what is which, which is what?

Just to refresh the memory, there is the saying “Beggars cannot be choosers.” Translation: Poor people cannot be choosey in order but to continue living. Miserable people even gather garbage simply to stay alive. Application: Time and again, repeated surveys bring about the same conclusion, viz., the Philippines is becoming more and more prosperous and a promising country in terms of socio-economic development. Such is according to the perception and conviction of Malacañang and its ever-faithful allies – but exactly the opposite among the innumerable so-called “Informal Settlers,” not to mention those living under the bridges, by the canals.

Going back to the EDCA, this agreement is indeed very agreeable to the Uncle Sam, but to Juan and Pedro? Never mind. So it is that the great and formidable USA acquires the following right – to mention a few:

1. To use all Philippine bases as much as it wants, whenever it wants, whatever it has from planes to ships and submarines with nuclear weapons.

2. To send as many soldiers to the country whenever and as many as it wants with the usual R&R, with the usual sicknesses plus fatherless children.

3. To possibly set us bases in the “Bangsa” which is such a big and strategic area, on proviso only that it pays agreed rentals thereto for its disposition.

4. To prepare for the predicted “Thermo-Nuclear War” in partnership with Great Britain against Russia and China.

5. To bring any war as afar as possible from the USA precisely by waging it as far as possible from its own shores.

That is EDCA for you, man!