Monday, May 12, 2014


There is nothing absolute as everything is relative. Something is true or false depending on the given circumstances. What is right or wrong is dictated by what is profitable or losing proposition. What someone wants is right, what somebody dislikes is wrong. The composite of the said conditional factors is the essence and implication of the phrase “It depends.” – a phenomenon that is becoming more and more the specialized thinking pattern and acting process of the present administration.

What is sincerity or duplicity? What is honesty or deceit? What is integrity or corruption? It depends on what is its impact on partisan politics, to what political party one belongs to, and on what the partisan political boss says. This has become the shameless norm in Philippines politics – especially in the past few years. This is now the standard recourse of the government – the Executive Department in particular has become an expert in verbosity and grandiosity sans reality, that has become master in coming out with spectacular survey results contrary to ground actuality.

So it is that the PDAF scandal is slowly but surely making a transit from who the plunderers are to what political party they belong to – particularly what high offices in the Executive Branch they are holding. Those identified with the political opposition, have their names immediately revealed, giving their accusers all the opportunity and all the time to point them out freely and publicly. Moreover, have their cases filed before the proper Court as soon as possible. But those named in exactly the same hideous scam who are members, allies or collaborators of the political party in power, keep quiet and stay cool. Never mind the “confession” of the “Queen of Pork.” Never mind the two other listings of the dearly beloved public officials of the present Administration. And never mind as well the loud clamors from the general public for naming names.

But very attentively and very seriously, mind the marching orders of the Chief-in-Command to his minions – such as who to name as scammers, how to name them and when. His political party must remain in power even after 2016 or he would be in hot waters just as he has been doing long since to his predecessor. Considering the actual and forthcoming dynastic components of his political party, this has to survive for the years ahead, even after the 2016 elections. Never mind the multi-billion peso plunder that went to the big and deep pockets of his dearly beloved political associates. After all, the money just came from the small and shallow pockets of millions of ignorant and miserable Juan de la Cruz from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Question: Who are the other PDAF plunderers who will be named? Answer: It depends!