Wednesday, June 15, 2011


THE Philippines is a lovely and loving country. Many of her islands remain paradise for many people, fowls and animals alike. Her environ is still by and large clean and healthy. Her mountains are awesome to see just as her volcanoes are fearsome to behold. And the Filipinos? In general, they are good and kind. They love their families and dote on their children. They enjoy telling jokes and laughter. They celebrate many fiestas. Their demands are not much just as their expectations are not high. Their culture remains right and proper as a rule. Their value system stays basically sound. But there is something wrong—very wrong in the Philippine scenery.

There are some people who persist in causing trouble to Filipinos in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Their human dignity is trampled upon, and many of their basic and complementary human rights are violated. There are furthermore certain individuals who make crime a big business, who engage in massacres, in exploiting women and children. To top it all, the people have supposedly chosen leaders who precisely lead them either astray or to nowhere. These public officials are powerful and influential. But they use these otherwise honorable privileges against the good and welfare of their constituents. The priority is their continuation in positions of power and influence—their families well included as political dynasties.

That is why for one reason or another, millions of Filipinos are poor and destitute. Capital investments are illusive and employment is scare. And when they become employed, their salaries are meager and pitiful. That is why millions of them even seek work in foreign nations. Never mind if they leave their dear and loved ones behind. Never mind if they find work in dangerous places provided they earn something—anything. And never mind too if they are treated less than human beings.

This brings to mind the infamous, detestable and dangerous “Three Gs”—that stands for guns, goons and gold. For decades they have been sowing fear and death among Filipinos, making politics dirty, and in effect making a mockery of the justice system. And all these have been long taking place in the country despite the thousands of men in uniform, with badges, radios and what have you.

Incidentally and lately but neither amusing nor funny as it does not exalt or extol the national leadership, there is additional “Three Gs” that have come to fore. It is said that they stand for guns, girls and guzzlers. It is not clear whether the people should laugh or lament at this, whether they should feel amused or weep for it.

Pitiful Filipinos!

15 June 2011