Monday, June 13, 2011

RH Bill (Once more with pleasure)

FOR a start, it is good to recall that God Himself gave but Ten Commandments to rule the whole world, the whole of humanity all over the globe. And the Lord Jesus Christ even reduced them into but Two Commandments: Love God. Love others. The first Three Commandments are for the love of God. The other Seven Commandments are for love of others. It requires but these Commandments for all peoples to live in truth, to get justice, to live in peace.

On the other hand, it is worth asking how many thousands of laws have the present and immediately past Legislative Department enacted? Three thousand? Four thousand? As a valid consequential question, it comes in order to ask how many laws have the Executive Department succeeded in having duly implemented? One thousand? Two thousand? And as a logical follow-up question, how many violators of the law has the Judicial Department brought to justice? Answer: Just guess. Such would be enough, given a long existing dysfunctional justice system in the Philippines.

But lo and behold, the present legislature is again poised to enact another law—The Reproductive Health Bill (RH 4244) which in truth is a contra-reproduction and anti-health legislation—preventing conception through the use of chemical pills and injections plus mutilations in terms of vasectomy for men and tubal ligation for women.

For those who want to listen, well and good. For those who do not, this is their call—their responsibility and accountability.

The RH bill: Promotes promiscuity and praises irresponsibility. Deadens conscience and destroys delicadeza. Cultivates self–rule and selfishness, affirms immorality and ushers in amorality. Causes health hazard if not downright sickness as cancer. Leads to defective births and dangles abortion. Despises pregnant women and hates the birth of children. Impugns the Filipino cultural values of love of children and of the family. Gives big profits to multinational pharmaceuticals manufacturing contraceptives and an erratic government collecting much taxes therefrom.

The RH bill: Ascertains material abundance and economic development. Guarantees the inflow of big capital investments and much employment. Promises the absence of criminality and ascertains the presence of justice in the land. Assures the reign of peace and order. Envisions Philippines as a First World Country.


13 June 2011