Monday, July 12, 2010


It is worthwhile looking into the significance and connotation of the phrase “Zero Tolerance” because this is the objective and substantive equivalent of the battle cry of the Aquino Administration categorically against graft and corrupt practices specially in the government he inherited. It is an open secret that the immediately past administration has competently institutionalized the blatant and odious vices of graft and corruption in practically all branches of government.

Needless to say, the said concrete nauseating socio-political and moral liability of the Country progressively disseminated therein by about a decade of likewise progressively distrusted and disrespected national leadership, cannot but require the incumbent national leader some time to uproot and do away with. But it must be made plain and clear, definite and defined, by the latter that his administration has “Zero Tolerance” for such shenanigans with public funds.

What is “Tolerance”? This is along the line of sympathy, indulgence and/or compassion – some kind of a “live-and-let-live” policy. It is along the middle ground between “Yes!” and “No!”. Let is be herein specifically said though that there can be no tolerance of viciousness or depravity. Something is just or unjust, right or wrong: Anything somehow unjust cannot be just. Something in a way wrong cannot be right.

What is “Zero”? This is nothing in the context of “all or nothing”. It is some kind of an infinite “No!”. it is immune to any “if” or “but”. It is never a matter of “close-open”- but “closed” it remains. In the practical world, a “zero” option remains over and above all arguments to the contrary, simply beyond any and all discussion. It is thus a stance that is easy to understand, impose and maintain.

What is “Zero Tolerance”? In the world of the Aquino administration, this simply means that graft and corruption are both categorically taboo – in all their forms and means, in whatever level and degree. And truth to say, it may not be otherwise. Reason: All big thievery is started by a small thief. When a little evil is allowed, then the big devil eventually comes.

Conclusion: Would that P-NOY stay unyielding, unbending and unalterable in his noble and ennobling flagship of unconditional decency, integrity and honesty – that makes him a dear and endearing personality, a much welcomed President, Chief-Executive and Commander-in-Chief!

12 JULY 2010