Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Justice is the quest for truth in order to bring about social and peace. Vengeance is the pursuit of revenge in the context of bitterness and pursuant vindictiveness to equate justice with vengeance. In fact, vengeance does not bring about justice but revenge. This is neither that profound to understand, nor that complex to acknowledge. Vengeance is doing something wrong in response to another wrong. Justice is meant simply to right the wrong done. Justice is an imperative – not an option!

The past administration under the practically absolute power and overwhelming influence of the boss-chief – who is presently out but not off – made injustice something already incarnate in the country. Specially in the past six years, the wheels of justice in the Philippines not only made a complete half for the wealthy and powerful, but in fact even speeded up for the poor and helpless. Now, it would not only be callous but also dumb, if the then blatantly unjust and infamous characters would be simply allowed to enjoy their loot and sneeringly laugh at their national victim – the now suffering people of the Philippines.

There was that sad and pitiful time when the principal and cohorts in the plunder and desecration of the country, were altogether beyond the reach of the hands of the law – on account of the enigmatic constitutional provision of “immunity” that makes the supposedly most esteemed and respectable figure in government untouchable not only in its civil misdeeds but also criminal offenses. Interesting! The principal suspect is beyond suspicion. Someone most disrespected has the claim to respect.

No wonder then that with the advent of the new government, with the rule of the incumbent administration, the quest for justice vs the then agents of gross injustice is a priority agenda. This is but “equalizing the playing field”. This is simply the mandate of elementary reason – precisely the right and just yearning of the downtrodden. In fact, there is nothing like the reign of injustice to punish a people, to disfigure a nation, to ruin their future.

By the way, injustice is not the law of the jungle but precisely the norm in a City ruled by “educated” thieves and “elite” crooks – by amoral public officials and insatiable agents of government. Social justice is the crowning glory of community living, of national life!

14 JULY 2010