Wednesday, March 04, 2009

magna carta of women

”The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.” This world famous and celebrated maxim says it all. It aptly forwards and emphasizes the standing fact and living reality that figurativelY so correctly and rightfully bring to fore the intrinsic nature, essential significance plus constitutive relevance of one and every woman in the world. For one thing, without woman or without that cited “hand”, one would be at a big loss in even finding or actually having world rulers. In other words, behind every truly great man in honesty and integrity, in business and industry, politics included, is a really greater woman whom men do not mess with, much less trample upon.

In the biblical sphere, it is narrated that man came to reality first, and woman but second. Let it be however well noted that in the same biblical framework, the woman precisely came because by himself, man was found inadequate, deficient if not completely lost if not doomed from the start. This is not to belittle man. It is merely placing him in his right place, seeing him in his proper context. Except for the very “first” man in the biblical order, woe to any man who has no mother, who does not know his mother or who disowns his own mother for whatever reason. A father of a child may be officially “Unknown”. The mother however is named – always.

In the Christian world, the fact is that even the Savior of the world was born of a woman who took care of Him from her womb to His tomb. Having great attributes, given many titles, invoked by many names, a woman she was and a woman she remained to death. The truth is that even the Church founded by her Son, took own the nature of “Mother Church”. Reason: She nurtures people through the Good News of Salvation proclaimed by her Founder, and cares for them through the Sacraments instituted by her same Founder. No wonder then that for the said Mother Church, every woman has an intrinsic dignity – with its ontological and inalienable human rights.

The “Magna Carta of Woman” as proposed by the Philippine Legislature is said to have good and welcomed pronouncements – as well as dubious and questionable provisions. More than anything else, the legislative agenda is said to be categorically committed of doing away with discrimination against women and instead specifically geared at promoting the equality of women and men. But others say that the Bill particularly intends to re-define “gender” according to presumably modern realities.

This short and simple submission is not meant to question the “Magna Carta of Women” in its central content and substantive intent – EXCEPT for its ardently avowed and strongly professed legislative promotion of the full EQUALITY OF WOMEN AND MEN – and OTHERS as the case may be – in intrinsic HUMAN DIGNITY and pursuant HUMAN RIGHTS.

Question: Does the “Magna Carta of Women” cover the Muslim women? Does the Bill legislate the equality of Muslim men and women? Do the Legislators mean to enforce the equality norm on the Muslim population of the Philippines? JUST ASKING.

March 4, 2009