Friday, March 06, 2009

filipino heart

There is but one and only Filipino heart of its kind in the whole wide world. It is unique and distinctive. As a matter of principle, one can take the heart of a Filipino but the latter remains a Filipino at heart. The Filipino heart is both loving and forgiving yet brave and resilient as well. Many strong and cruel invaders of different nationalities tried to conquer it, subdue it. But the Filipino heart remains unconquered as it is unconquerable by itself. It has some kind of a psyche that is basically pro-industry, sweat and toil. Squarely, the Filipino heart faces poverty as he also happily faces abundance. It has an élan that is generous not avaricious, intuitively pro-others, not pro-self. Greed and covetousness are certainly not the ingrained traits of a Filipino heart.

This is not to say that the Filipino is enveloped by sanctity from head to foot. This is neither to claim that he is all attributes without any liability, all virtues without any vice. It is merely saying that it is with rightful pride that someone says “Ako ay Pilipino”. In the same way that calling someone a “Pinoy” is an endearment more than anything else. The mere fact that the Filipino Overseas Workers are appreciated the by world basically for their diligence and commitment is already a signal appreciation of the Filipinos in general, a real pride of the Filipino heart.

That is why it’s both a shame and an offense to good taste that no less than a dangerous and detestable gambling corporation claims to have a “Filipino heart”! After saying it is “global” this and “global” that, the official gambling operator itself of the government has the guts to allege that it has a “Filipino heart!” One wonders if such a boast on the part of a full and big time gambling corporation is not only a profound impropriety to Filipinos in general but also a huge desecration of the Filipino heart in particular. It swallows up as much money as possible from its clients. It generates gambling addicts who in turn damage their families and thus undermine their homes. Such is the dangerous nature and serious negative implications of the Philippine Gambling Corporation that even the government itself—its promoter and defender—forbids its own public officials to patronize it! By the way, is gambling as such really a simple matter of chance, merely an issue of luck? Why it is then that not only corporate but also syndicated gambling capitalists always win at the end of the day with gamblers always loosing in the last count? Why oh why? Just asking.

+OVCruz, DD
March 6, 2009