Monday, March 02, 2009

stealmulus package

True or otherwise, it is said that the Filipinos are good copycats, i.e. that they have the uncanny ability of doing what foreigners do. In other words, they seem to have the ingrained inclination to imitate - to “ape” – the values and preferences, the options and acts of people they look up to and admire specially those from North America. The phrase “colonial mentality” is premised on such a perceived Filipino disposition - something that has apparently disappeared from usage in this Country. And rightly so: The “Pinoys” are a distinct people with their own admirable traits and precious talents – not to mention their potentials to be more than they actually are.

But lo and behold, nobody else than the supposedly Filipino highest public official in the Country, the presumed chief- executive in the land and the recently self-appointed Czar in the Philippines, publicly and even officially aped Uncle Sam by doing an Obama who came up with a “Stimulus Package” specifically designed to respond to the financial crisis obtaining in U.S.A. It was only after much expert economic planning, intricate business and industry gymnastic plus long political maneuvers, that the Obama Stimulus Package has become an operative reality – but not without many “if’s” and “but’s” voiced out by Tom, Dick and Harry.

Aping Obama, here comes the feeling glorious Malacanang occupant with a whooping 330 billion pesos “Stimulus Package” allegedly to prime up the long moribund Philippine economy – but with a big difference: One, it came out of a sudden from the blue with neither proper inquiry nor due consultation made. Two, it is said that the money would be taken from the contributions of workers in the private sector, deposited for their own social security at SSS. Three, who pays the money back is a non-issue under the sacrosanct principle that what Malacanang spends, the Filipinos pays.

But what is much more disturbing in this issue is the given fact that considering its standing and even outstanding record in graft and corrupt practices, Malacanang has in effect conveniently and profitably put up a multi-billion STEALMULUS PACKAGE – nothing more, nothing less. It is not really hard to foresee where the money will go, viz., some millions for this and that place with standard deductions made; some other millions for this and that project with customary commissions taken; and the big balance remaining for railroading the Charter Change, for screwing of the Plebiscite, for paying election frauds. Yes, sad and true! But what’s new?

In other words, the fundamental rationale or primary objective of the whooping 330 billion peso package is not really to stimulate the critical Philippine economic but to promote instead Malacanang self-serving interests particularly in the tenure of power – as long and as much possible. Never mind the poor, hungry and sick people. They will get used to it! Never mind the youth staging rallies, the men and women making marches, the laborers and employees voicing their protests. They will get tired sooner or later! Conclusion: On with the STEALMULUS PACKAGE!

+OVCruz, DD
March 2, 2009