Monday, February 11, 2008

"We, the Sovereign Filipino People"

It is the People of the Philippines who is the author of the Fundamental Law of their land. It is the People of the Philippines who sit or dispatch their elected public officials in the country. And it is the people of the Philippines who establish or dismantle their government. It is in this definite and defined truth that "People Power"—EDSA 1 and EDSA 2—find its anchorage and substance. In this Nation, there is nobody and nothing more powerful and supreme than "We, the sovereign Filipino People" (Preamble: Philippine Constitution)

It would be thus good to declare and clarify certain realities that have become signal entries in Philippine History. The Church in the Philippines is surely not the Sovereign Filipino People. Hence, it would be a big mistake to expect the Church to make or unmake a government. The Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines is definitely neither the sovereign Filipino People. Wherefore, it would be a gross blunder to ask the CBCP to seat or unseat a ruling administration. This is neither meant to demean the Church nor to belittle the CBCP. It is but stating a solid and standing truth.

That is why for the record, it would be but proper to hereby revisit the reality of both EDSA 1 and EDSA 2. In both instances, it was but one Cardinal, a handful of Bishops, some Priests and Sisters who were there. Not the CBCP, much less the Church in the Philippines. In both occasions, it was the thousands of upon thousands of Filipino people with many members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines—together with those few likewise Filipino Churchmen and Religious women—who composed the "People Power", who authored EDSA 1 and EDSA 2 by dismissing two sitting Presidents.

The sovereign Filipino People are the master in the country. The public officials are but their public servants. Reason: All their salaries and benefits, all their public expenses and pork barrels even, are paid by the direct and indirect taxes of the People. In fact, even their many lavish foreign travels with their families and friends plus elite hotel accommodations, inclusive of having chartered planes for their exclusive use—all these are paid by the direct and indirect taxes of the People.

But with the ruling administration, its high, wealthy and mighty officials, have become the master of the People, with the latter serving as their private servants. The People have become their milking cow whereby the present government under the command of the MalacaƱang has made public funds their personal resources in promotion of greed and corruption.

The call has been made for a "communal action". There were and there still are courageous and truthful individuals who have risked and continue to risk their own lives and the security of their families. The time has come for the "Sovereign Filipino People" to join them in spirit and in truth, in action for integrity and justice. This is "COMMUNAL ACTION"—TAMA NA yon. SOBRA NA sila. KILOS NA TAYO.

11 February 2008