Friday, February 08, 2008

"Moral Revolution"

There is a formal and standing call for a "Moral Revolution" made by no less than a then high ranking official in government in direct response to the pronouncement of an also highly placed Churchman at the helm of the CBCP openly saying that the present administration is "Morally Bankrupt". The said call affirms the truth of the pronouncement, and the cited pronouncement validates the urgency of the call. The call and the pronouncement constitute a strong, relevant and urgent moral whole.

The said expressed and continuing highly significant and fervent call has some five (5) key and outstanding appeals, all of which are neither hard to understand nor difficult to fathom. The government official personally and officially addresses the following socio-moral agenda directly to the one leading the national governance some seven long years since:

1. "PROVE THAT GOVERNMENT CAN STILL ACT DECISIVELY IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST." Implication: The government remains undecided in working for the national welfare it is well funded by the citizens and thus much expected the people to do so.

2. "CORRUPTION IS THE KEY POLITICAL PROBLEM." Implication: The administration does not yet know much less accepts that the country and the MalacaƱang occupant in particular are both high placers in the index of corruption in the continent and in the world.

3. "SLOW, UNEVEN GROWTH THE KEY ECONOMIC PROBLEM." Implication: The considered economic genius in the government with deliriously impressive claims of growth in trade and industry is asked to wake up to the reality of the exact opposite in the ground.

4. "POVERTY PERPETUATES ITSELF THROUGH GENERATIONS." Implication: The chief executive in the land has to be even openly told the simple truth that the poor can bring to life and to society only poor people like themselves.
5. "REDEFINE POLITICS AS SERVING MORE THAN INDIVIDUAL AMBITIONS." Implication: The higher the politicos climb the political hierarchy in the country, the more individualistic they become, the more self-serving and even self-generating in terms of political dynasties.

Incidentally, all the above pivotal challenges to the incumbent ruling national leadership is prefaced by the following general appeal: "USE THE VAST POWERS OF THE PRESIDENCY TO LEAD A MORAL REVOLUTION IN OUR PUBLIC LIFE".

8 February 2008