Wednesday, February 13, 2008

final decision

The days are truly dark and gloomy. The times are very suffocating and sickening. The present administration is not merely stagnant but actually putrid and nauseating with its long litany of corrupt acts and practices. The national leadership is already beyond redemption in its moral bankruptcy. The hour of final decision has come—a decision which the key government official with the conspirators devoid of conscience have to make or will be made by the people for them. It is no longer a matter of simply walking the talk but decidedly acting on the walk.

The glaring fact is that except for certain MalacaƱang favorites and beneficiaries plus some individuals wallowing in dirty money on account of glaring corruption plus transactional politics, there is a continuously growing number of people who are neither amused much less patiently receptive of one big and dismaying government scandal after another. Long and deeply buried in a huge pile or rotten and rotting garbage, the ruling administration has become one big living infection already immune to remedial sanitation.

Many young and old people alike, already much fed up with the behavioral brazenness of the ruling government, have become not only angry but also look at its key officials with hateful disgust. There are groups of individuals among the professionals and business people, in the academe and work force, among the employees and laborers, who are appalled at the gross misdeeds eventually appended to the incumbent national leadership. Add hereto practically all the members of the Fourth Estate who know only too well about the many flagrant socio-moral liabilities of the de facto sitting Chief Executive—and the over-all scenario becomes morally suffocating.

The Court of Public Opinion has already formed a judgment. They require no documentary evidence which can be in fact manufactured. The general public highly appreciates credible individuals and simply uses common sense in firmly deciding who are truthful and who are liars, who are upright and who are corrupt "to the bones". The Court of Public Opinion acquires more importance and relevance when—except for Supreme Court—the judicial branch of government has become subservient to brute power and selfish interests, the House of Congress has become a damaged institution, and the executive body has become dysfunctional such as in promoting "moderate greed".

This being the case, much discredited and disrespected highest office holder in the land is faced with a multiple choice:
a. Make a voluntary exit, a permanent disappearance, a clean cut.
b. Make a proper impeachment complaint accepted and processed.
c. Make others do the cleaning and clearing of the Palace.

13 February 2008