Thursday, January 26, 2006


The nation is in crisis. The government is at a crossroad. Public officials are at a loss at what to do with people who are despairing in their day to day living. The present is disturbing. The future is uncertain. People are divided. There is restiveness in the land.

To resolve the socio-political predicament in the country, many contrasting propositions are made. To respond to the socio-financial difficulties of the nation, many opposing plans are presented. There is much public resentment and discontent.

Many organizations are formed. Different rallies are staged. Various accusations and counter-accusations are made. There is alienation between the government and the citizens. There are misunderstandings among the citizens.

Disunity and division, disorder and confusion, despair and gloom—these are some of the signal realities now obtaining in the country, among the people. Yet a big majority of the Filipinos are basically good and kind. Most of them believe in God according to their chosen creeds and opted means. This is their distinct saving truth expressed in prayer.

Prayer—this is one fundamental reality and practice that make people one, irrespective of their different religious affiliations, secular professions, political persuasions. It is especially when people pray together that their unity and harmony are best felt and seen. When calling upon God together at the same time in the same place—this is when people are singularly one in mind, in heart and in spirit.

When people are neither certain what to do and where to go, when citizens already feel at a loss whom to believe and follow. When they begin to experience exasperation and disorientation, this is when their recourse to prayer becomes imperative. And this is also when God is closest to them.

Belief in God is man’s signal blessing and strength. Prayer is man’s best recourse when in need, greatest defense when under assault, biggest asset when in search of justice and truth, in pursuit of truth, in quest for unity and peace.

And God is on call—always! Prayer is welcome—anytime!

26 January 2006