Thursday, January 26, 2006

silent majority prayer movement

When there is nowhere to go, it is time to go to God. When a country is at a loss, it has no option but to have recourse to the good Lord for direction. When people can no longer depend on their fellowmen, they have no choice but to repose their hope in the almighty.

Thus stands the significance of prayer, the urgent call to prayer, the relevance of the Silent Majority Prayer Movement!

Calling on the majority of the people who suffer much but remain silent. Calling on many individuals who want to help but feel helpless. Calling on numerous persons who love their country and neighbors. Calling them to turn to God—to join the Silent Majority Prayer Movement.

Our contrasting political persuasions do not matter. Our many organizational affiliations are of no consequence. Our different financial status, professions and means of livelihoods are all immaterial. Even our personal various and distinct religious persuasions are irrelevant.

We are one when we believe there is God, when we have faith that God is almighty, that we can count on His divine providence. We are one when we pray together and together as well hope and trust in His divine intervention.

The Silent Majority Prayer Movement prays that God intervene to unite us as a people, to heal our nation, to resolve our national crisis, to lead us to better tomorrow.

God knows what is best for us and does the best for us. We do not tell Him what to do, how and when to do it. We neither tell Him what form of government we want or whom we want to govern us. We just pray for our deliverance from the social evils we suffer, the division we experience, the misery we live in.

Let us pray as one people, one afternoon at one place. Let us gather at the U.P. Sunken Garden, Quezon City, 30 January 2006, Monday, 3:00 P.M. Let us bring food and water to share in joy with one another.

We will be one in good will! We will be more one in our belief in God! We will be most one in prayer!