Wednesday, January 25, 2006

storm signals

It all began with a disastrous tape. This was followed by one public scandal after another. Then came a series of bad political judgments. This is further aggravated by certain numbers such as the revealing Hyatt 10, the nervous PDP 454, the Ominous Magdalo 4.

Recently came the Malacañang reaction of “fire with fire”. This is the equivalent of a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye mentality—this betrays a feeling of extreme desperation, the sense of being driven to a corner.

A socio-political storm is in the making. But this has its premise on unresolved moral issues. The administration should know by now that socio-moral questions cannot be resolved by mere partisan politics. Ethical problems do not give in to plain political maneuvers—much less by rice and noodle strategy.

Even the elementary sense of decency seeks the truth about the strong allegations of gross lying, massive cheating, flagrant stealing. Graft and corruption, falsity and incompetence cannot be responded to—even by calling the Council of State which was but a political ploy.

It is a big fabrication to claim that a section of the AFT is politicized. There is restiveness especially among the young soldiers because they are fed up with too much dishonesty and discrimination in the otherwise proud institution. Precisely their idealism can no longer shallow partisan political accommodations vis-à-vis preferential treatments.

A storm is brewing, the signals are up. This is the sad and dangerous reality now obtaining in the country. It is strongly perceived and felt—irrespective of whether the administration accepts it or not, adequately respond to it or otherwise.

It is great to have champions. It is good to have a quiet day or two to celebrate living heroes. But over and above everything else it is the imperative of moral ascendancy on those who govern—something which is the least that those governed expect at the end of the day.

25 January 2006