Sunday, October 16, 2005


The Administration just committed a double violence: violence against people having a peaceful assembly and violence against the constitution regarding respect for human rights. It was not enough to stop or disperse the people’s assembly. They were subjected to the indignity and ridicule being the helpless targets of water cannons—inspite of all prayers and pleadings. The event and the sight were very familiar during the martial law regime.

The result was predictable: it was the Administration that became all wet and shamed. Those who were accosted and violated, made their point, delivered the message, won the night. At the end of the day, the mighty bowed down to the lowly. Lesson: what is wrong will ultimately submit to what is right.

Progressive concrete repressions (CPR) are working well. People must first secure government’s permit before they could gather and speak. And when they do, the country becomes like a Police State.

Those who know the truth are made to disappear. Those who tell the truth are divested of their good names and benefits. Public officials who know better are made to shut up. The draft is already prepared for the declaration of the State of National Emergency.

The pattern of action of the Administration reveals that it is either too insecure in holding on to power or too secure of its tenure for might. And the victim of these two extremes are one and the same—the people.

The Administration is thus proving itself to be more and more unfit to govern a democratic country. It has conveniently forgotten that it was the power of a free people who once placed it in power.

How long could an anti-people Administration remain in power? When will it learn that it is meant to promote public welfare, not to protect its greed for power? Up to when will people accept that they are not the subject of service but the object of exploitation?

The Administration better wake up and make amends—and fast. Otherwise, it would be a thing of the past—and soon.

15 October 2005