Sunday, October 23, 2005

away with CPR

There was once the policy of maximum tolerance. This meant the greatest restraint on the part of the powerful when facing the powerless. Then came in the infamous and shameful Calibrated Pre-emptive Response (CPR) which is the exact opposite of maximum tolerance.

Those in possession of all kinds of guns and gears, all types of canons and ammunitions, cnnot but keep them on hold when facing people who simply walk and chant, raise their fists and voices. Reason: at the end of the day, brute force is no match for moral force.

The strange and detestable CPR is a serious affront to democracy, a big insult to free and thinking people. It is the declaration of war against the citizenry, a desecration of human dignity and its inalienable rights. CPR has no place in a civilized society ruled by supposedly civilized public authority.

CPR is good only for known terrorists, identified criminals and hoodlums. CPR is the over-all weapon against the finding of truth, the observance of justice. CPR is a sign of a nervous and insecure administration, a government without moral command.

CPR is against not only the citizens but also the persons commanded to apply it. In the concrete local scene, when CPR takes place between the rallyists and the police forces, all of them are poor losers.

One thing is predictable: the continuous observance of CPR can only bring about the imperative of more constant progressive repression (CPR) of human rights, violation of human limbs and ultimate loss of human lives.

What’s next? Declaration of State of National Emergency? Declaration of Martial Law? Declaration of Civil War?

Heaven help the Philippines!

23 October 2005