Monday, October 24, 2005

back to basics

It all started with the “hello” tapes and the “I am sorry” TV clip. This complementary election disaster was the original cause of the present political instability and economic reversal, the obtaining social unrest and urgent moral questions. Happily for the administration and sadly for the citizenry, the infamous tapes and pitiful clip have been all covered up and conveniently forgotten.

Now there is the E-Vat issue. Attention is also given to the recent E.R. 464 preceded by the E.O. 454. Hereto added is the CPR envisioned to be complemented by the prepared draft for the Declaration of State of National Emergency. And there are more and more talks about martial law.

The complementary tape and clip basic issue appears to have been deliberately drowned by all the above disorienting and disturbing concerns. These supervening items came one after another in fast cadence. And the basic issue thus remains begging for priority attention and resolution as it is the mother of all other big issues in the country today.

There are so many strange events that took place right after the 2004 National Elections. Why was the national canvassing made with so much haste and hurry? Why was the President proclaimed past midnight? Why are there now deep divisions among the people, continuous protests marches among the citizens, many ridiculous and insulting text jokes about no less than the highest office holder all over the land?

Where is the well-identified and known election Commissioner? Why was he nowhere found when he was still in the country? Who allowed him to leave for the foreign countries? What is the Filipino diplomatic community abroad doing to find him? Where is he? Is he still alive?

There is something very curious and very fishy about the “hello” tape with the adjunct “I am sorry” TV clip. And there is something very mysterious and interesting about the missing election Commissioner. Unless the truth about this basic socio-political issue with its strong moral overtones is revealed and known, calls for dialogue and reconciliation are vain before fundamental logic and offensive to elementary justice.

24 October 2005