Friday, October 14, 2005

Strange But True

Yes to the search for truth but no to violence against persons or against the constitution. This is the repeated CBCP advisory to people in their search for truth about the many capital socio-moral questions of the times.

The truth is important in order to restore political stability in the country. They truth is also significant for promoting the economic welfare of the nation. Hence, let the search for truth continue. But I the process, the people have to respect the integrity of persons and the provisions of the constitution.

What is the truth about the “I am sorry tapes”, about juetengate II, about the Impeachment Process? What is the truth about the Piatco deal, the Venable Contract, the Northrailway Project? The fact that these questions with profound national implications remain unanswered to date cannot but foment dissent and resentment among those still searching for the right answers.

But in the people’s search for the truth about such serious and disturbing issues, something is happening in the country that is strange but true. The reverse is taking place: It is precisely the administration that appears to be violating the rights of people by toying with the constitution.

The No Permit, No Rally Policy. The Calibrated Pre-emptive Response. The E.O. 464. The preparation for the declaration of a State of National Emergency. The Martial Law scare. Add hereto, the motion of what is terrorism and who are the terrorists.

The highest public office is meant to be the highest public service in the country. It is a grave degradation to use it for self-service at the sacrifice of all others.

Power and authority are good in the command of someone with proven integrity, not with suspect intentions. Power and authority in one person with the distrust and ridicule of others are a dangerous combination.

It is good to know that resignation is an option even for the highest office holder in the land. And it neither violates persons nor the constitutions.

14 October 2005