Monday, November 21, 2016


Certain quite relevant and sound thoughts and truths come to mind when the matter of the so-called “LGBT” community becomes the subject matter of attention and conversation.  As an immediate consideration, rather than any pejorative names and titles used, it appears but right and proper that those concerned therein be simply considered as having a Sexual Identity Difficulty (GID) in lieu of other disrespectful qualifying titles.  So it is that:

1.  It is not a secret that certain persons with GID misbehave and live dishonorable lives.  But there are those who behave much worse and thus live detestable lives and become the curse of society.

2. Good or bad, right or wrong, proper and improper are not necessarily predicated upon those with GID but premised in general on the good that people leave undone and/or  on the evil that people do.

3.  When those with the Difficulty are looked down upon by people due to their misbehavior, those without it are not exactly all acting and reacting with good manners and right conduct, with propriety and integrity.

4.  Men and women with GID are neither necessarily good nor bad.  The same is true for those men and women without it.  GID is not necessarily the cause of virtue or vice, the origin of right or wrong action or behavior.

5.  Just as there are “Do’s” and Don’ts” for those with GID, those spared of the Difficulty are also bound by the rule of what they may or may not do.  No one is good or bad merely for having or not having  GID.

6.  As GID is not something necessarily dishonorable,  those spared from it are neither ipso facto honorable people.  What makes persons good or bad are not GID but their reason and ethics, their faith and morals.

7.  This is not an appeal for a special treatment  of those belabored by the Difficulty but simply a plea for a fair consideration of their persons.  Saints they are not.  But who is?  Sinners they may be.  But who are not?

8.  Those having the Difficulty are not necessarily proud of their predicament.  But many men and women may not necessarily be proud of themselves as such whereas not few of them are the liabilities of society.

9.  Compared to sexually misbehaving persons with GID, theirs is a much  lesser evil vis-a-vis the graft and corrupt practices of many public officials, the goons with their guns in the streets, the drug lords and their minions.

10.  It is the summit of presumption for those without the Difficulty to even but think that they are necessarily better persons than those burdened by it.  Those without sin, let them throw the first stone at sinners!