Friday, November 18, 2016


Here we go again and again: Life is a liability. Population is consumption.  Birth control is in order.  Abortion is an option.  Prosperity is then a certainty. A blessed and happy people are thus a given.  Never mind what sound ethics teaches.  Never mind what good morals affirm.  And never mind what the Philippine Constitution expressly and categorically provides:  ”The State...shall protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception.”  (State Policies, Section 12).  This constitutional provision is but a big pretension – considering that the unborn is simply but a potential consumer and wherefore a liability to prosperity.

So it is that the so-called “Reproductive Health Law” – which is precisely against human reproduction and causative of danger to the health of women taking contraceptive pills – is once again calling attention and promoting concern for its more funded promotion and the gain and glee specially of foreign contraceptive manufacturers.  Never mind their ill-effects on those eventually allowed to be born from the former.  And never mind as well when certain contraceptives are in effect abortive in intent or by accident.

Abortion is the killing of the unborn – a most heinous crime according to Catholic faith and morals.  Although abortion can be a non-issue to those already born and alive – just as the champion legislators and promoters of population control under deceptive words and gestures – the same is definitely not a light matter even before the law of man as evidenced by the above cited constitutional State Policy.  Will the remedial action be then simply to change the Constitution?

It bears noting that as far as the Catholic Church is concerned, while the killing of anyone is a mortal offense deserving censure and concordant punishment, the killing of an unborn is considered as an intrinsically moral evil, deserving nothing less than the penalty of ipso facto Excommunication – the downright expulsion of the hideous murderer of the unborn from ecclesial communion.  There is but one other mortal offence penalized by Excommunication, viz., deliberately causing physical harm to the Holy Father.  For the faithless and amoral, Excommunication is but one big joke.  But when they eventually make a transit to the life beyond – and they surely will in due time – then they will know firsthand the damnation brought about by killing even but one unborn directly by personal action or indirectly by cooperation with the abortionist.

So it is that again and again too, the following standing objective truths have to be affirmed and reaffirmed:  As natural family planning is the rightful recourse from having children beyond the potentials of their parents to care for, to fund their basic needs, to send them to school, so it is that responsible parenthood that counters the irresponsible birthing of children, is the right answer to have the right number of offspring in accord with the parental potential to care for them.  As natural family panning is in accord with the nature of wives when they are infertile for some weeks every month, so it is that responsible parenthood comes about when husbands respect the fertile periods of their wives.

Let it not be said that the parents have not been told and taught about Natural Family Planning, about Responsible Parenthood.  Let it not be said either that abortionists by direct action or indirect cooperation have not been told.