Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Population Control Law

It is not a secret that there are Catholic legislators plus members of the Executive Department who affirmed, promoted, and/or voted for the passage of the Population Control Law. Neither is it a secret that the President himself not only personally but also officially moved in favor of population control and in fact signed it into law privately and quietly. Nor is it a secret that there are Catholics in business and industry who likewise favored and moved for the enactment of the legislation. This is saying nothing about a sizable number of Catholics in and out of government who signified their open and ardent option for the same legislative enactment.

What is more interesting as well as much surprising and perplexing is the fact that there are even professors and/or instructors from no less than at least two Catholic Universities who openly and expressly signified their approval and endorsement of the said Anti-Population Law. Needless to say, such a publicly expressed stance caused surprise – if not scandal – on the part of many Catholics in the country. Such a directly and open contradiction to a Church teaching registered a particular wonder – if not disgust – on the part of Catholic organizations and movements in the country. In other words, the said professors and instructors caused not really a small disconcerting ripple in the Catholic community in the Philippines.

On the other hand, it is interesting to note that the Catholic Bishops’ of the Philippines has so far maintained a loud silence on the matter. Yes, there was this and that Bishop who expressed their reservation to such a dissent. But the CBCP itself as a whole stands still and remains quiet to this date about the said expressed and public dissent to a universal Church doctrinal stance. But as it is rightly said, behind the clouds is a silver lining. Translation:

“Bravo, Rafael Dy-Liacco!” Thus was the interesting and impressive title of a column recently written by Dr. Antonio J. Montalban II (PDI 21 January 2013). Among other things, Dr. Montalban wrote: One, that Rafael Dy-Liacco is a graduate of the Yale University. Two, that he was a theology professor at the Ateneo de Manila University. Three, that he resigned from such a noble teaching office. Four, that he submitted his resignation on the Feast of the Holy Innocents – who were massacred in the name of Christ – the day precisely when the President signed Population Control in the Philippines into law. Five, that the signal resignation was over-shadowed by the exuberant celebration for the passage of the Population Control Law. Observation by Dr. Montalban II, “At the very least, it is duplicitous and deceitful to parents who send their children to Ateneo for Catholic formation…”

“Bravo, Dr. Antonio J. Montalban II!” This can be said in turn – with pride and delight about a genuine Catholic gentleman!