Friday, February 08, 2013

Killings Unlimited

There are numerous and loud official proclamations of righteousness, of progress and development all over the land – heard from the present administration. There are innumerable acclamation about the phenomenon of “more fun” in the Philippines plus being a favorite tourist destination – claimed also by the same administration. There is a big number of executive offices and agencies with their sizable personnel and budget allocations that continuously and assiduously look after the peace and order in the country – affirmed likewise by the same government. Needless to say, the incumbent administration is not lacking in its self-belief, self-acclamation and self-praise.

The fact however remains: it is not only human dignity is often negated specially by those in tenure of power and wealth. It is not simply that human rights are trampled upon by influential public officials as well as by callous individuals in big business and industry. This is all about the most atrocious phenomenon now obtaining in the country, viz., human lives are wasted not only in Mindanao but also in Luzon and Visayas. In other words, killings have become a matter of course in the country.

This is not really about the killer poverty and misery in the Philippines – lack of food, clothing, and shelter – notwithstanding the much advertised grant of regular and many money gifts given to the people through CCT. This is neither about killer typhoons, landslides, and floods that now customarily kill people nor is this about the regular killer accidents that take place in many ways and in many places. Neither is this about the killings of the unborn nor is it about suicides that take place for whatever reason by whatever means in whatever place.

But yes, this is about more and more criminality that does away with human lives whatever time of the day. Whatever day of the week. Yes, this is about the increasing murders, assassinations, and massacres that have become more regular as they also become more atrocious. And yes, human life has become cheap and readily expendable in these times. Girls and women are raped and murdered thereafter. Unwanted individuals are nonchalantly killed by murderers either riding in tandem or simply walking by. Meantime, the arms of the law remain short and weak. There is also a certain number of supposedly protectors of peace and order who themselves have come the causes of social violence and disorder.

Meantime, the ruling administration is apparently unmoved by the wanton killings that have wherefore become an ordinary phenomenon – in the event that it is not actually incapable of stopping them. The government might not even care to take note of the impending additional killings readily foreseen on the occasion of the fast approaching 2013 elections.