Friday, August 24, 2012

Keep Them Poor. Keep Them Few. Keep Them Helpless.

This is the plan of first world nations for third or even fourth world countries. This is the program of international organizations that have people phobia on account of avarice, covetousness, greed. This is the project of Malacañang together with its avid followers – for one suspect reason or another. Keep people poor, few and wherefore helpless. All these equal the inhumanity of man to man. All these have been long since taking place in the Philippines, slowly but surely. And all these constitute the present predicament of the Filipinos.

According to the census done by the National Statistical Office (NSO) sometime in 2000, the growth of Philippine population was some 2% plus. Lo and behold, according to the census taken sometime in 2010, the Philippine population growth was only but some 1% plus, i.e., 100% decrease. Congratulations are in order: The wealthy and powerful nations in the world are successful in their anti-natalist drive and funding directed against poor and helpless countries! The Philippines has long since subscribed to the population control sponsored by North America and Europe! The Malacañang crowd is even bent in intensifying contraception in the Country by the passage of the RH Bill into law!

Again, congratulations are in order: Depopulation is already a successful practice in the Philippines! It is envisioned to be further ingrained in the Filipino culture with the passage of the RH Bill into law. So it is that as there are more and more old people in the Country, there are less and less youngsters to support them and take their place. And as there are progressively fewer Filipinos, so too will fewer Filipinos handle business, manage industry. Hence, goodbye Philippine socio-economic development and progress! Thank you multinational pharmaceuticals for contraceptives of all kinds and forms! Thank you Malacañang for you anti-life conviction and agenda!

Thus it is that as far as Malacañang is concerned: There is increasing poverty and misery in the Country, population is the culprit. There is the ever rising costs of prime commodities and public utilities, population is the cause. There are more and more violations of women and children, population is the reason, there is an increasing number of natural calamities and disasters, population is the explanation. There is less and less reason and logic in Malacañang, more and more incompetence, population is the “because”.

So it was that on the occasion of the last natural disaster primarily on account of abundant rains and soil erosions, there remain poor families with miserable houses built in certain dangerous grounds. The immediate and marvelous solution conceived by a Malacañang hireling is definite and defined: Blast them! Result: Less poor families. Less population.