Monday, August 27, 2012

Jesse M. Robredo (+)

Go! Know what is life and after life. See the Kingdom that has no beginning, no end. Meet God and have a feel of His infinitude and omnipotence. Marvel at the gloriously risen Christ. Enjoy the company of angels. Meet all those who left their families, their communities, and the country ahead of you. Receive the eternal reward of your virtuous personal life, of your generosity in helping your neighbors, of your integrity in public service. Go! Rest in peace! You deserve it! Go!

The truly good and much loved DILG Secretary is gone. He is out of sight but definitely not out of mind. He went but still lingers around. He went but still lingers around. He is the lost to the here and now but a gain to the hereafter and beyond. He gave a precious reminder. He taught a big lesson. He left a wonderful legacy.

He gave a precious reminder: There is the truth that the moment someone is born, he already begins to die. This is because what is simply borrowed has to be given back. It is not something new when someone dies. What is news is when somebody does not die at all. There is also the truth that empty handed one comes to the world, and empty handed too he leaves it behind.

Listen people! Woe to those who dare think that the tenure of power is a title to hold on to life ever. Pitiful are those who believe that their wealth can buy them even but a second more than their schedules death. Very valid is the truth that death is the great equalizer as it respects no title, no prerogative, no personal status, and no family lineage.

He taught a big lesson: Popularity is no substitute for competence. Dynasty no matter how famous is not a guarantee of integrity. More than the nature and implications of partisan politics, what counts much more is the person, the values, and the conviction of the politician. So it is that a public office is a public trust for public service. It is not for family advantages, for club members, much less is it for self-service.

Learn electorate! Beware of political candidates who take advantage of the misery of people, respects no situation and occasion in order to get their attention and votes. In particular, shun candidates for election who use even your misery to win the elections. There are already enough of them in the country. They have already caused much problems for the country.

He left a wonderful legacy: Public officials, who serve well, shall also be well-appreciated and remembered by the people. There is nothing like integrity, industry, and sincerity to make people lament their passing. And much will be demanded on those who dare succeed them.

Attention public officials! You have your day, you are having fun. When you go, will people cry for losing you? When you are laid to rest, will they mourn your passing? When you are no more in the eyes of the public, will these have edifying thoughts and words about you? Or…

Dear Sec. Jesse: You gave us a precious reminder. You taught us a big lesson. You left us a wonderful legacy. Thank you!