Monday, April 14, 2008

asking for someone’s “Mercy and Grace”

Someone in the country has been perceived with either admiration or disgust, and even called by many contradictory names. The same personality has been given many conflicting label and titles reaching out to the sublime or going down the quagmire. The same figure has gone to many far and near places alike, and there received with either loud accolades and regal reception or angry demonstrations and protest rallies. All these ambivalence notwithstanding, there is something that is undeniable, viz., the person concerned is surrounded by power and might, is in full command of many billions with the threat and influence these bring.

True or otherwise, seriously or the other way around, there are people who see nobility and regality, integrity and magnanimity, love and affection in exactly the same subject party. The latter’s hands are either warmly shaken or devotedly kissed. There are always big numbers of avid followers and devotedly kissed. There are always big numbers of avid followers and devoted admirers around the person concerned bearing that signature smile and exuding with warmth and kindness—except every now and then, during instances of sudden temper explosions with the proper accompanying words and complementary gestures.

Gloriously reigning, triumphantly ruling. Endlessly governing. All these before. But now, there is something very difficult and much more. This time it has gone very far and high. No less than a distinguished AFP Captain made famous by his once courageous stance and righteous bearing, recently added a practically divine attribution to the occupant of the throne. He is decided to beg for nothing less than the latter’s “mercy and grace”—mere forgiveness and understanding would not suffices, much less would apology and pardon be enough. “Mercy and grace”—these concretely, specifically and categorically.

What a marked and enviable improvement! An overwhelming transit is done from the merely human plain to the divine sphere, an awesome shift is made from the purely natural to the veritable supernatural level. It is hard to imagine anything not only superlative and but also mystical than such distinct elevation and singular transformation. It would be hard to think of something else beyond the supernatural order identified with divinity. This is the summit of the admiration and adulation that someone still well counted among the human race could possibly have.

The truth is that even in the Catholic Faith, even saints officially elevated to its altars for respect, veneration and emulation, are not sources of “grace and mercy” in the true reality and significance of the words. Thus it is that the invocation “Have mercy on us.” As a suppliant prayer is only addressed to the Good Lord. In the same way, the gift of ordinary auxiliary, sanctifying and/or efficient “grace” can only be sought from God himself.

In the event wherefore that the addressee in this singular instance would deign to grant the pleaded “mercy and grace”, then the country can rejoice with glee and jump for joy. Reason: it has a resident divinity!

14 April 2008