Wednesday, April 16, 2008

something is fishy

Time and again, one way or another, the Officers and Members of the Krusadang Bayan Laban sa Jueteng and Krusadang bayan Laban sa Sugal publicly speak and openly write about the culture of greed and avarice being long propagated by the vice of both illegal and legal gambling—specially by Jueteng and Pagcor. The truth is that a good number of well meaning practitioners of print media—journalists and reporters alike—repeatedly write about said anti-gambling pronouncements. And repeatedly as well send their articles for publication.

It would be hard to say that such public pronouncements and written statements to counter gambling per se in the country, do not make sense, are irrelevant and/ or uncalled for—specially so when Jueteng is hiding under the guide of STL, and PAGCOR is building its own city. It would be also difficult to say that the media practitioners concerned do not understand the issue at all or are ignorant of how to handle the matter. Much less can it be said that families and neighborhoods, communities and the country as a whole are not adversely affected by gambling purveyors and gamblers themselves, by gambling syndicates and by no less than a government that runs a giant gambling corporation.

Yet, the truth must be said: Tri-Media is by and large silent about anti-gambling promotions. On the other hand, the communications industry in the country is usually loud and clear about PCSO and PAGCOR with a million and one advertisements—complete with proper sound bites and vivid colored pictures. One can just keep wondering how many millions of pesos are spent by PCSO and PAGCOR in making a combined hard sale of their respective gambling wares—multi–million pesos that could have instead gone to their noisy, insistent and even avowed concern and pious preoccupation for the poor, the hungry and the sick who so far, are still poor, hungry and sick.

Needless to say while, PCSO has been once a pure and noble charitable institution for many decades, now it has a big gambling component in terms of STL, LOTTO. And PAGCOR is widely publicized as putting up a multi-hectare $15 billion project with gambling as its centerpiece—irrespective of repeated and stern denials made by its principals. In fact, just recently, it used, exploited and demeaned three long retired Bishops in full liturgical attire to presence the ominous start of more gambling in the Republic—with frequent invocations of its much envied and admired gambling Mecca, viz., Las Vegas and Macau.

Something is fishy. Poor journalists and reporters. Every now and then they write about anti-gambling article. And practically none of these see print—especially when their pieces are critical of the Philippine Amusing Gambling Corporation. There must be a blockade somewhere. Would that all these are but hallucinations, only suspicions, and nothing more than mere speculations. Would that there is really nothing fishy.

16 April 2008