Thursday, July 27, 2006

whipping boy

An endearing vision of the country as a towering showcase of progress and development in Asia. A projection of exciting years ahead of building and rebuilding unlimited all over the land. An impressive presentation of contemplated mega-regions.

The practical condemnation of imperial Manila in favor of local government units. Grand, loud and repeated salute to key local officials under whose authority and supervision the projected big and massive projects would be thereby reposed. The consequent feel of billions of pesos under their direct call and recall.

It was quite noticeable that the SONA 2006 mentioned charter change but a few times and in passing. Upon closer look however, it appears that the SONA 2006 as a whole was precisely geared and deliberately intended at pushing for charter change through one composite intra-government move.

It has to be realized and admitted that the SONA 2006 after all was an ingenious ploy specifically aimed at charter change. Its real priority is changing the fundamental law of the land. Thereafter, the envisioned massive developmental projects in the contemplated mega-regions through the local government officials could happen or not. Reason: the realization or not of such aggressive projects would simply remain subject to many unpredictable and even unknown circumstances.

The SONA 2006 made a hard sale pitch to the effect that: first, the present constitution is the culprit for the nation’s depressed and depressing socio-political gymnastics. Second, the present charter is victimizing the people, making them poor and miserable. Third, change the charter and everything will be nice and easy, right and bright.

For reasons and intentions of its own, the national leadership treats the present constitution as a convenient whipping boy. It is prone to blame the constitution of the land for anything miserable and everything wrong in the country. It looks at its six long years of governance as free of socio-ethical liability for the sad and saddening state of the nation.

This makes one wonders why so many families remain sound and well basically on account of morally upright parental leadership—not really on account of a family code, good or otherwise.

+O.V. CRUZ, D.D.
27 July 2006