Tuesday, July 25, 2006

SONA 2006

One is rightly inclined to think that a state of the nation address says where the country is, how the people are. While it is understandable to say where the country is going and what people can expect, it is incongruous to have a SONA precisely so much focused instead on what the is it not. The reason for this futuristic approach is because the present state of the nation is dim and dismal. Hence, the present of the state is better left unaddressed.
This is why some say that the SONA 2006 was but a good geography lesson. Others think that it was a blitzkrieg for support from the military general, local officials and certain church leaders. There are also those who consider the SONA as the preview of an “Enchanted Kingdom”.
No. The SONA 2006 forwards a vision of a great future for the country basically in terms of its being aggressive nationwide socio-economic development. It looks with hope and enthusiasm on what infrastructures should be built, improved and/or promoted—under the following conditionalities:

ONE: There is enough money to do them
TWO: There is unity for doing them
THREE: There are 3 years, 11 months, six days to have it done.

The 2006 SONA wherefore cannot but be commended in its content and spirit, in its programs and projects. All Filipinos should support its vision and resolve to have the nation listed among not merely the “developing” but actually “developed” countries. Its citizens can then once again claim its rightful place of respect and pride in the community of nations.
Thus: when babies are born, they would no longer be already multi-thousand pesos indebted to the government. When men and women want to work, they can readily find work in the country and do not have to go to a foreign country like Lebanon. When parents want their children to have enough food, clothing, shelter and proper education, they have the sufficient resources to provide all these.
In other words, who would not want the 2006 SONA agenda to become realities as envisioned and designed by the present national leadership? But then, if the same national leadership cannot even clean the country of an illegal numbers game like Jueteng, it is quixotic for it to even imagine that it can deliver so many fantastic and grandiose national projects!

+O. V. CRUZ, D.D.
25 July 2006