Monday, June 26, 2006

2007 election indicators

The “People’s Initiative” is an exercise in futility. Such was also the beginning and end of “Pirma” launched some years ago for the same purpose. The Constitutional Assembly is a pie-in-the-sky. The charter change desired and designed by the present administration will not happen as scheduled. Those who are salivating to have a free ride for a longer tenure of their respective public office will ultimately have dry mouths.

The conclusion is wherefore obvious. The 2007 Elections will take place as provided by the Constitution. But this political exercise would only matter if the Commission on Elections were made acceptable, credible and accountable. Otherwise, the country would only continue to wallow in even more serious and pervasive doubt, dissent and division efficiently caused by the 2004 elections.

The socio-ethically sick institution in the country that is COMELEC notwithstanding, there are early and clear indicators announcing this early that the 2007 Elections are on deck. This signs are ominous. But they have become predictable and customary in the country.

Presenting the three more popular and signal indicators of the forthcoming 2007 Elections in the country: One, the comeback of jueteng. Two, the staging of bank robberies. Three, the schedule of kidnapping. This is not to mention the bloody intramurals among seasoned politicians that already began with the recent blasting of the vehicle of a provincial governor.

How sad but how true. It is already the third millennium. Yet, politics in the country are still very far from being civilized. And the infallible victim of dirty and devious politics is the same—the people, the poor in particular.

True democracy and honest elections are inseparable realities. One without the other is a farce. The strength of the former is buttressed by the integrity of the latter. The falsity of elections guarantees the instability of democracy. This is a living truth especially in the country.

It is a blatant contradiction when after the elections, some of those proclaimed as winners are precisely the losers. Not really elected by the people, they actually assume public office. Not truly chosen by the electorate, they dare become part of democratic governance. That spells trouble—big and lasting societal trouble!

26 June 2006