Sunday, June 25, 2006

Poro Pt. Casino

Vice continues to triumph over virtue. This seems to be the pattern set down by the present administration. It is not enough that it is a marked suspect of cheating, lying and stealing. Neither is it enough that it caters to graft and corruption particularly through transactional politics. With nonchalance, it flagrantly violates human rights and allows hundreds of human lives to be wasted. To date, the country is waiting for more atrocities due to the recently declared all-out war where the sure deaths of combatants as well as civilians are readily dismissed as simply “unavoidable”. Translation: so what if people are killed! No big deal! The Philippine population is big it should be lessened.

This is not a prophecy of doom but the reality of the times. With the present administration, the focus of attention is how to get more and more money to immediately cement its self-interests and to ultimately solidify its tenure of power. It is of no consequences what makes money, how the money is made, where the money comes from. What is right or wrong depends on whether there is money or none. The reality that rules such ethical relativity and moral indifference is amorality—the value system of convenience.

A case in point is the opening of another casino in La Union. Under this present administration, this will certainly not be the last. The building and operation of even more casinos all over the country all already set. More gambling is stored for the country. Never mind the creation of gambling addicts, the waste of their resources, the breakage of their families. Never mind the loan sharks, the goons and other shadowy characters who are standard accompaniments of casinos.

In short, so what if gambling cultivates greed and avarice, dependence and indolence. What really matters for this present administration is that casinos make a lot of money. The use of most of which depends on MalacaƱang. The present government needs money, a lot of money. The killing of the forthcoming impeachment, the promotion of Charter Change, and the endorsements of political allies in the 2007 Elections—all these demands money, a lot of money.

The taxing of people is already causing poverty, sickness and desperation. The settlement of ill-gotten wealth cannot go too far. Even the liberty of appropriation of public funds in a re-enacted national budget would not suffice. It would be good to have another source of fund: Casinos!

25 June 2006