Friday, January 27, 2006

jueteng victims

Jueteng is far from being an innocent game or a little pastime. It has many victims. It is a big syndicate, it has goons to discipline its erring “empleados”. It has guns to silence those who counter its rules. Furthermore, it has multi-leveled payolas to buy the protection of its likewise multi-layered beneficiaries among those in positions of authority.

Consolidated result: jueteng continues to exploit precisely the already poor and little people in the country. Jueteng financiers continue to lord it over all public authorities from the local to the national levels. Presidential decree No. 9287 effective since 19 April 2004 continues to be a big joke.

The bigger joke is when jueteng is stopped. The jueteng hierarchy stages a revolt. Jueteng is obviously illegal and immoral. Yet they have the temerity to cry for justice, to ask for restitution, to demand for recompense. This is especially true in the case of the jueteng collectors and cabos.

It might be good for them to remember the following sad but true realities.

It is the jueteng lords and operators who used and abused them. The former become rich and infamous. The latter remain impoverished and discarded. All of them know that jueteng is illegal. It is incongruous for the same to make demands after deliberate and long violations of the law.

It is the jueteng lords and operators who have become filthy rich precisely by making use of their services for many years, everyday, rain or shine. They were poor when they began their jueteng venture; they remain poor all throughout their jueteng years. And poor they still are when they were abandoned by their jueteng lords and operators.

It is wherefore the jueteng lords and operators from whom they should demand consideration and recompense. It is from them they have the right to ask for grants to loans, for livelihood or any decent work. It is their jueteng masters that practically made them slaves to make millions. It is but logical that they pursue them for their needs when jueteng is stopped for one reason or another.

It is definitely not the anti-jueteng people who neither used nor made any money through them. And it is incongruous for them to blame precisely those who want to stop their abuse and exploitation by their jueteng lord and operators.

27 January 2006