Saturday, January 28, 2006


Wiping a dirty corner while overlooking the sullied whole is clearly a very poor way of doing a house cleaning. This is but assuring that the dirt will simply soil the spot once again in no time at all. The same can be said about removing but a mole from the face in a body with cancerous cells. In the same way, washing but the hands cannot take the place of a whole body cleansing.

The same is exactly true about the reality of weeds. Farmers know well that it is not enough to cut their leaves. It is necessary to dig out their roots as well. Otherwise, the weeds simply grow back to full life fast.

There is a singular lesson that can be drawn from the above simple realities. It has a particular relevance and application to two singular socio-political phenomena that took place in the country sometime ago: EDSA 1 and EDSA 2.

In both events, only the heads of government were removed. Their respective limbs, however, were allowed to stay. The sad result of this unrealistic move is only too well known: the country is back to “normal” in its disturbing socio-political problems with their consequent grand socio-moral scandals.

This is why there is marked apathy among the general public about another proposed presidential ouster. Two presidents were already removed during their tenure of office yet the country is now even worse in its political scenario, economic plight, peace and order situation.

Above observations considered, it stands to reason that another simple removal of an incumbent president appears much less than what is demanded by a real national renewal. It is incongruous to repose all the nation’s ills upon the head of state alone. The head works with its constituent members. All of them are accountable. All of them have to go.

The question is how can a Philippine general house cleaning be made? Who concretely are those personalities considered dirt in the government? Who will do the cleansing? These are very critical questions in pursuit of incisive answers. Otherwise, the country is in for a very long rainy season.

28 January 2006