Friday, May 30, 2014

“You shall not steal.” (Ex. 20:15; Dt. 5:19)

Thus stands a distinct, serious, and standing imperative that is anchored not only in reason and ethics but also in faith and morals, that is practically as old as humanity in its binding force and that has been since then precisely causing rancor and hostility among people when violated by avaricious, covetous, greedy individuals.

Thus reads nothing less than a formal, explicit, and clear Commandment binding everyone with a sound mental faculty – irrespective of race, color, and creed. And thus precisely is the plain and clear rule that is brazenly violated in this country distinctly with the participation and collaboration of supposedly honorable public officials – at the expense of the poor, miserable and helpless Filipinos. The little they have is forcibly taken away from them by the government, a good number of whose officials have precisely become experts in stealing – with no qualm of conscience.

Thus binds the clear and strictly prohibitive injunction upon government as well as Church officials from the top to the bottom of the civil and ecclesiastical hierarchy, respectively. From the President to the janitor, from the Pope to the sacristan, from the capitalists to the laborers, from the professionals to the illiterate – all of whom are strictly bound by the Commandment. There are but few exemptions from the mandate, viz., those afflicted with any given psychotic Personality Disorder.

The matter – evil, injustice, and scandal – of stealing has taken the center stage curiously during these times of the “Matuwid na daan,” loud and proud yet pitiful and shameful hurrah. The PDAF scam so far tops all the huge and wanton stealing by government officials in recent Philippine history. Those therein involved are so desperate that they point at many others, as thieves like themselves. In fact, even Churchmen are now named as beneficiaries of the dirty and deadly porky thievery.

It is but right and proper to state the following objective truths as far as Churchmen are named in such a free wheeling thievery. One, they are all strictly bound not to accept any donation in cash and/or in kind when they know that such is stolen. Two, in the event that they received any donation which they later on found out stolen, they are strictly bound to return it when such is returnable. Three, otherwise, heaven help them, considering that the end (good) does not justify the means (evil).

And for anybody and everybody, in any place and at any time, it is not enough to say “Sorry!” for having stolen. It is necessary to return what was the stolen when such is still possible. As the saying goes, “Dura lex, sed lex.” The law may be hard but it remains the law. And the law says, “Thou shall not steal.” End of the story.