Monday, February 10, 2014

CBCP Pastoral Exhortation on Philippine Economy (1998) 3/3

Recommendations for Confronting the Situation

“Considering that the socio-economic plus political realities in the Philippines are distinctly far from the stipulations of truth, justice, and peace… it is definitely neither surprising nor incredible the CBCP Recommendations for confronting the situation are not few in number, much less simple in content.” Thus:

a. Increase access to credit by supporting micro-saving as well as micro-financing ventures in favor of ordinary people.

b. Support the principle of subsidiary such that what common people cannot do on their own should be assisted by the State.

c. Increase rather than reduce investments in human development especially in the sphere of education and health.

d. Ensure rural development and food security, promote the establishments of cooperatives specially among the poor sector of society.

e. Persuade legislators to give up their so-called CDFs (“Pork Barrel”) for fund application where it is really needed.

f. Do away with monopolies and other economic structures that militate against free enterprise and small business ventures.

g. See to it that women have equal opportunities, responsibilities, and participation in developmental agenda.

h. Implement full R.A. 8042 on Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) for the needed mechanism for the latter to invest in the Philippines.

i. Promote “Partnerships for Change” among important agents of society such as trade unions, academic institutions and/or professional associations.

j. Set up special programs to address such crucial issues as agrarian reform, industrialization and/or socio-economic development in general.

k. Revise the Tax System so that underdeveloped land areas are taxed less than those already well developed and thus already profitable as well.

l. Intervene in the international level for the protection of the poor, for the cancellation if not reduction of external debts and their payments.

16 years later, what happened to the recommendations?