Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It ain’t over ‘til it’s over

Call it a legislation for safe reproduction and maternal health. Say it is a law for safe sex and responsible parenthood. Claim it is the legislative solution to poverty and misery. Notwithstanding all such loud allegations and repeated proclamations, the truth remains that the said legal recourse is concretely and basically about population control. Say it with a good amount of placating words and pacifying phrases. Still, the same legislation is the depreciation of population, the enemy of the unborn. Claim that the legislative step is for the good of the Philippines, for the welfare of the country. Yet, in the last analysis, the law in effect provides that Filipinos are unwelcome in the Philippines.

The Legislative Branch of the government looks at the Population Control Law as a victory in favor of the people they represent – which is doubtful to say the least. The Chief Executive has the distinction of making it an urgent legislation – which is perplexing as well as disturbing, considering the many markedly important laws awaiting enactment. The Supreme Court meantime remains understandably extra careful on how to interpret the law in line with the Constitution of the Philippines – considering the practical superiority of the President over the Supreme Court.

It is quite interesting as well as disquieting to note that nothing less than the Government of the Republic of the Philippines has now entered the bedroom of couples and non-couples alike, to ascertain its dubious designs – such as: “Safe sex” as if sex has now become a danger and an enemy. “Non-reproductive sex” in line with nature of sterility and impotence. “Sex without boundaries” meaning sex unlimited, sex anytime and in anyway, with anybody and anywhere.

It is understandable – though neither acceptable nor admirable – if husbands and wives plus non-husbands and non-wives engage in counter-reproductive sex encounters at their own responsibility and accountability. But for the government to finance such ventures with the money of the People of the Philippines, this is not fair, much less comforting. Nothing here is said about propriety and ethics. Much less is anything herein invoked in the context of faith and/or morals therein called upon. Instead, appeal is made but to reason and logic.

This is precisely why many Filipino citizens and voters – crossing the boundaries of creeds, cultures, and partisan politics – are unhappy and much displeased with the Population Control Legislation which was passed with the grant of proper financial incentives and which was surreptitiously signed by the Chief Executive. In other words, there is discontent – plus anger – in the air. What happens next is anybody’s guess.

One thing is certain: “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.”